Gebauer Stone enjoying their new CNC Saw - the VOYAGER XP

Gebauer Tile & Stone


Meet Gebauer Tile & Stone, a reputable tile and countertop establishment led by Pete Gebauer and Mike Somora. They have been in business for an impressive 35 years, specializing in custom work for high-end residential customers. They rely on a lean crew of just four people for countertop fabrication and installation, and are growing with their new CNC saw as the backbone of their shop. 

A Voyage into CNC Sawing, Porcelain & More 

In early 2022, Gebauer Tile & Stone faced a unique challenge when a customer presented them with a seemingly impossible project involving 115 slabs of porcelain and quartz, along with TONS of mitering requirements including boxes, compound miters, and completely wrapped waterfalls. Their manual bridge saw at the time, was simply not up to the task. It lacked the capacity, mitering efficiency, and confidence to handle such a large and intricate job. Recognizing the need for an upgrade, they diligently sought a solution and discovered the game-changing Park Industries® VOYAGER™ XP CNC Saw. 

WATCH: Pete & Mike discuss why they added a VOYAGER XP CNC Saw and the results of this upgrade.

Investing in the VOYAGER XP, solely for this project, turned out to be a brilliant decision for Gebauer Tile & Stone. Pete enthuses, “We are absolutely delighted with the VOYAGER XP. It enabled us to take on this massive job while easily meeting the production demands, intricate miters, and material requirements. Without it, we could never have imagined executing this project so efficiently, precisely, and comfortably.” 

Mike further adds, “The mitering capabilities of the VOYAGER XP have been nothing short of outstanding, whether we are working with porcelain or any other material. The improved cut quality has also made the installation process considerably easier.” 

Taking the leap into digital fabrication with the VOYAGER XP has opened new opportunities for Gebauer Tile & Stone. 

Training & Service they can Rely on

Gebauer Tile & Stone is especially appreciative of having the Park team by their side. Pete expresses his gratitude, saying, “Park’s commitment to service has been absolutely fantastic. They have lived up to every inch of their promises and more.” From assisting with their shop layout to providing comprehensive training and readily available tech support, Park has been an indispensable partner throughout the process. 

An employee with zero prior stone experience quickly became a leader in the shop, thanks to Park’s exceptional training program. In just a matter of a couple of months, he was confidently operating the CNC saw and has continued to excel, knowing that he can always depend on Park’s reliable support whenever needed. 

VOYAGER XP CNC mitering porcelain countertops at Gebauer Stone
The VOYAGER XP CNC Saw performing a miter cut on a porcelain slab at Gebauer Stone.
Miter Cuts on the VOYAGER XP CNC Saw at Gebauer Stone
Gebauer Stone checking out some miter cuts from their VOYAGER XP.

We Should Have Done This Sooner 

Reflecting on their journey, Pete and Mike now admit that they were initially hesitant to embrace change. Pete shares, “My biggest regret is not purchasing the VOYAGER XP sooner. There is so much room to grow with it yet.”  

With its ability to save fabrication time, execute precise cuts, run unattended, and tackle any project that comes their way, the VOYAGER XP has proven to be a true asset for their business. 

Gebauer Stone's VOYAGER XP CNC Saw from Park Industries
Gebauer Stone is able to meet new challenges and grow with their VOYAGER XP.

Gebauer Tile & Stone’s decision to adopt the VOYAGER XP CNC Saw has revolutionized their countertop cutting processes, making them more efficient, accurate, and profitable. With Park by their side, their journey into digital fabrication has been seamless, and they now stand ready to meet their customer needs with confidence and ease.