Granite & Marble Depot Fabricator Spotlight

The Granite & Marble Depot


The Granite & Marble Depot (IL) has partnered with Park Industries for 18 years and counting. Tarek Merhebi, owner, is excited to bring on any fabrication work knowing he can rely on his partnership with Park and their CNC sawjet, CNC router, edge polisher, and more.

A Dynamic Partnership with Park  

Eighteen years ago, when The Granite & Marble Depot embarked on its countertop fabrication journey, the first machine they acquired was from Park Industries. This initial connection has since flourished and Tarek’s admiration for Park’s unwavering support, service, and training has grown. “A machine is only as good as its support system. Park offers it all,” Tarek affirms. 

SABERjet™ XP CNC Sawjet for the Countertop Fabrication Industry

Tarek hails the SABERjet™ XP CNC Sawjet as a game-changer that saved his business. When their previous saw from overseas went down for an extended period of time, the SABERjet XP was there to rescue them. The SABERjet XP was installed while they were still waiting for parts from overseas for their other machine. As soon as the SABERjet XP was in operation, it helped them meet the needs of a major project that had a deadline fast approaching. For this, Tarek shares, “The SABERjet™ XP saved my life and reputation – it made us look good,” 

The consistent quality the SABERjet XP delivers has become integral to their operations. Tarek notes, “Miter work used to intimidate us, but now we embrace it. The SABERjet XP has streamlined miter cutting, making it no different from any other cuts.” This unwavering confidence extends to even the most intricate materials like porcelain, as the SABERjet XP handles them effortlessly. Tarek exclaims, “Porcelain projects? Bring it on.” 

The machine’s waterjet feature has simplified sink cutouts, saving them valuable time and countless hours of labor.

Park Industries SABERjet XP install at Granite & Marble Depot | Fabricator Spotlight
The SABERjet XP CNC Sawjet getting install at The Granite & Marble Depot.
Miter project cut on Park Industries SABERjet XP
Miter project cut on the SABERjet XP CNC Sawjet.

TITAN® CNC Router, Countertop Fabrication  

With their TITAN® 3800 CNC Router, all edges have become equally easy to produce for GMD. – there is no more getting behind on work. Tarek shares, “Material comes off the TITAN install ready – I recommend it due to the consistent and quality work it produces. We love it!”  

The TITAN helps production flow smoothly through the shop daily to help them stay ahead of schedule.

Park Industries TITAN CNC Router at Granite & Marble Depot
The TITAN CNC Router at Granite & Marble Depot.


The addition of the FASTBACK® II edge polisher has revolutionized their workflow, particularly for backsplash work. The machine’s efficiency has alleviated scheduling headaches and allowed them to stay on track. Tarek states, “The FASTBACK II turns flat edge work like backsplash into a walk in the park, enabling us to maintain our schedule and knock out parts quickly.”  

The Culmination of Success 

Every machine in their arsenal plays a pivotal role in shaping remarkable projects. Their investment with Park Industries has not only increased their productional efficiency and output but established them as industry leaders with their customers and boosted their sales. Customers visiting their facility witness these machines in action, validating the company’s commitment to quality. 

Park machines help them offer swift turnarounds, on-time deliveries, and the seamless handling of larger projects. This partnership helps them strengthen their relationship with their clients in the kitchen, bath, and retail markets. Tarek emphasizes, “Our Park machines enabled us to complete an additional four kitchens daily without expanding our workforce.” 

Park’s Influence on the Countertop Fabrication Business  

Tarek emphasizes, “We’ve transitioned from being dependent on human labor to relying more on our machines.” With their machines performing 95% of the work, the company can now employ less experienced personnel. The culture at The Granite & Marble Depot has transformed, with staff aspiring to become programmers rather than just laborers.  

SABERjet XP and TITAN at Granite & Marble Depot | Fabricator Spotlight
The Granite & Marble Depot can take on more work with their new machines.

GMD’s Unquestionable Choice: Park Industries   

Tarek commends Park’s dedication to minimizing their machine downtime with an unmatched level of care.  

“Park will check on you and truly care about keeping your machines up and running. Their level of care was beyond what I could have imagined – nothing compares in the industry,” Tarek raves. 

A trifecta of machine quality, robust customer service, and user-friendly features positions Park Industries as a leading partner in the fabrication industry. Tarek states, “Park’s commitment to its clients is unwavering, truly exemplifying a partnership. If you look up ‘partnership’ in the dictionary, you’ll find Park.”