Mid-America Granite & Stone


TITAN® 4700 Solves Bottleneck for Mid-America Granite & Stone

YuJeng and Dave Williamson, owners of Mid-America Granite & Stone LLC, had grown too accustomed to working on Saturdays and identified a bottleneck in their polishing production. Dave turned to Park Industries® for a solution, leading to the installation of their new TITAN® 4700 CNC Router.
The result? No more playing catch-up on Saturdays.

The Journey with Park Industries®

Dave’s journey with Park Industries began with a new FASTBACK® II Edge Polisher, followed by a used SABER™ CNC Saw. Reflecting on their experience, Dave recalls, “Park’s level of customer service on our machines – both the new and used purchases – was phenomenal. It greatly surpassed the service we received from a different manufacturer on a machine we purchased new.” When they needed parts for their SABER, Park’s next-day parts promise was proven, helping them cut through projects with zero downtime.

SABER™ CNC Saw at Mid-America Granite & Stone
FASTBACK® II Edge Polisher at Mid-America Granite & Stone

Embracing the Park Way

Mid-America Granite prides itself on customer-centric values, a philosophy mirrored by Park Industries. With Park, Dave knows he can rely on knowledgeable techs willing to go the extra mile and work through any issue until it is solved.

Dave shares, “Park has never failed to support me and keeps my machines in full operation. Why would I buy anything else?”

The Missing Piece to the Puzzle

The integration of the TITAN 4700 CNC Router into the workshop proved seamless and the impact was immediate. Dave notes, “The TITAN has simplified and sped up our polishing production, while significantly reducing the amount of labor needed to finish tops.” Its user-friendly interface enables an efficient operation where they load it up, hit go, and walk away to work on other tasks.

After running a few projects through the TITAN, the accuracy of the machine impressed. Dave shares, “Seams are important, especially with white quartz. The fit and finish of them coming off of the TITAN is amazing. The accuracy of this CNC machine is undeniable.”

TITAN® 4700 CNC Router at Mid-America Granite & Stone

Bottleneck Solved

Prior to their new TITAN, Dave and his team were working Saturdays to get projects finished and ready for a Monday install. Dave happily reports, “I haven’t worked a single Saturday since installing our TITAN 4700. It is producing so much square footage that we are getting ahead of schedule with ease. The benefits we’ve experienced have extended beyond just improving our process – there is less stress, more personal time – it has been wonderful.”

“We cannot recommend the TITAN enough. The reliability, the quick learning curve, and the resale value alone are worth it,” shares Dave. The TITAN is running about four table loads (producing around 150-200 sq. ft.) per day with plenty of room to grow.

Park Proud

Park Industries commitment to excellence extends beyond machine sales, with exceptional service at every touchpoint. Dave proudly shares, “I am a Park shop, and always will be.”