Northern Stone turned to the all-new, two-table JAVELIN™ CNC sawjet.

Northern Stone


With their shop nearly out of space and their sawing station a bottleneck, Robby Wysuph of Northern Stone turned to the all-new, two-table JAVELIN™ CNC sawjet

Its small footprint and ability to easily lay it out in their shop was critical, as every other option they looked at included the need to rearrange their entire shop to make it fit. It had all the capabilities they were looking for including high horsepower, precision mitering, and maximum table coverage. 

After running over 7 months of production on the machine, Robby shares they are amazed at the JAVELIN’s cut quality and are crushing their production goals – easily feeding their three TITAN® CNC Routers. The JAVELIN is so efficient and easy to run, that they were confident enough to sell their existing sawjet. 

Robby shares, “The JAVELIN was exactly what our shop needed. We had limited space for a two-table machine and also required a high-production sawjet. The JAVELIN fit the bill perfectly.” 
He continues, “Our operator loves how easy it is to load/unload the tables – the machine’s accessibility cut our table turnover time in half. What’s more, the JAVELIN’s cut quality is even better than we could have imagined. Its rigid build and helical gear rack achieve tighter tolerances than our previous sawjet, especially while mitering and cutting tough materials like quartzites. “ 
Robby concludes, “To anyone looking at a robot or any other sawjet machine, this one will be hard to beat. I highly recommend the JAVELIN and am proud to have it as the backbone of our shop.” 

Bottleneck solved. ✅

About the JAVELIN

The JAVELIN is now officially launched and available for fabricators. It offers the smallest two-table footprint with the largest mitering envelope. Whether you need high-production processing speeds or high-precision miter accuracy for custom work, the JAVELIN is ideal. It is highly configurable to meet the needs of any shop layout and offers easy-to-access tables. 

Have it all with the JAVELIN, the only sawjet that hits every target.