Stone City Design


Meet Stone City Design, an all-encompassing kitchen and bath design center, proudly owned by brother-sister duo, George and Manthy Hlepas. This thriving venture traces its roots back 40 years when their father started the business in the basement of their family home. Today, it stands as a colossal, automated facility nestled in the vibrant heart of Chicago, Illinois. 

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On the Cutting Edge of Efficiency

Growing up watching their father operate the shop with meticulous hand fabrication, Stone City Design started working with Park Industries® over two decades ago and has evolved into a fully automated fabrication facility. They house an impressive lineup of Park equipment including:

Precision & Efficiency Redefined with Park Machinery

Manthy emphasizes, “Our Park machines offer the unparalleled capability to execute precision cuts, allowing us to materialize clients’ visions and bring their dream kitchens to life.”  

The initial apprehension surrounding adding CNC machinery was quickly put at ease once they saw the seamless workflow and results.  

Manthy shares, “Investing in Park Industries and their machines was the best decision for our company. Prior to them, we had triple the fabrication labor producing half of the output. We are much more efficient now, cutting our production time in half and able to produce a TON of kitchens each day.” 

The Park Advantage

Stone City Design relies on Park’s robust training program which has advanced their workforce. Equipping their team with immersive week-long training sessions at Park has fostered a skilled and committed staff, creating an environment of perpetual learning. This strategic approach has not only amplified staff retention but also nurtured their ongoing growth alongside the company. 

They also have unwavering trust in Park’s American-made machinery complemented by the rapid availability of spare parts. This is fortified by Park’s dependable and responsive service, further solidifying Stone City Design’s operational resilience. 

Relying on Park’s service and machinery, Stone City Design stands as a testament to the blend of innovation and scale, where dedication to precision and efficiency culminates in breathtaking kitchen and bath designs.

Photo Gallery: Stone City Design