Machine Installation & Field Service

Park Industries® certified installers and field techs are experts at their craft. Whether you have a new machine going in or need help with an existing one, you are in good hands.


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TEchnicians that are second to none.

Knowledgeable Field Service and Machine Installation by Park Industries


Installation that meets deadlines, and field service available to dispatch fast.

Friendly Field Service and Machine Installation by Park Industries


Happy to answer any questions you may have, Park Technicians are easy to work with.

Fast Field Service and Machine Installation by Park Industries


Park Technicians are pro’s when it comes to installing a new machine or problem solving.

Expert Installation

Timely, knowledgeable, and friendly, our expert installation team understands the importance of getting your new investment set up properly. They will not leave your shop without making certain you are prepared to succeed.

How it Works

Our installation team makes sure that your new machine is efficiently installed to proper specification and tolerances so you can start production right away.

The install process begins with a complimentary pre-installation consultation including a preparation manual and phone consultation. An installation coordinator will help you prepare your site for delivery in order to eliminate errors and prevent delays during installation.

When your workspace is ready, a skilled installer will position your machine quickly, accurately, and on schedule. We provide complete installation and maintenance documents, precise layout drawings, and complete electrical schematics.

Watch as a SABERjet™ CNC Sawjet is installed at a customer shop.


Fast Field Service

No matter how well prepared you may be or how skilled your staff is, there are times when things don’t quite go according to plan – Murphy’s law.

Park Industries® Field Service Technicians are available to be dispatched in the event you need a repair technician onsite.  They play a crucial role in keeping your production facility operational and are directly involved in troubleshooting unplanned downtime.

Machine Relocation

Your bottom-line profitability is dependent on the efficiency of your shop. Often, your employees are not able to reach their maximum efficiency due to the layout of your equipment. If there was a way to increase your employees’ efficiency, wouldn’t you gladly do it?

Your sales consultant would be happy to visit with you regarding your shop layout and identify efficiency opportunities within your facility. If machine relocation is needed, a Park technician is available to help you make the necessary changes at your shop.

Park will provide consulting, detailed logistical plans, and project cost estimates with the least amount of downtime. Whether we are relocating a single piece of equipment or your entire shop, Park’s highly skilled technicians will get the job done safely and efficiently. Park Industries® has helped thousands of fabricators improve their shop efficiency through design and strategic machine positioning to maximize production flow.  

From machine repairs, maintenance and operations training, electrical and mechanical support, Park Industries® field service technicians are available to assist you.


For urgent or immediate service, please call our 24/7 customer service at 800-785-3391.

Otherwise, please use this form to request service, field service, parts, or ask us a question. Our fast, friendly team of service technicians are here for you and your machine.