Park Industries machinery at Carolina Custom Surfaces | Case Study for Park Industries Stone Machinery

Carolina Custom Surfaces keeps their eyes on “ROI” with new machines


Joe Duszka, President of Carolina Custom Surfaces in Greensboro, North Carolina is laser-focused on his business. With a background in manufacturing operations, his goal for the company is making the operation run more efficiently – prioritizing tasks and purchases that bring return on investment.

Carolina Custom Surfaces (CCS) was founded in 1995 as a cultured marble and solid surface company. In 2006, they made a decision to grow their business by moving to a new location and adding a stone shop.

It was then that a fellow ISFA member, and North Carolina stone shop owner, recommended Joe look into Park Industries®. Joe said, “I knew I wanted American-made equipment so I had easy access to spare parts.” He also wanted a service center that he could call on 24 hours a day. Park Industries® was a perfect fit.

SABERjet XP CNC Sawjet and Water System a Carolina Custom Surfaces | Case Study for Park Industries Stone Machinery
SABERjet XP CNC Sawjet and HydroClear PRO Water System installed at Carolina Custom Surfaces in 2021.

Equipment that Lasts & Holds Value

As CCS built their new stone shop, Joe relied on the expertise of Park Industries engineers to help him lay out his new equipment: a YUKON®, Wizard and PRO-EDGE®.

Fast forward 15 years and stone fabrication now comprises 70% of Carolina Custom Surfaces’ business. In late 2020, they sold the YUKON® and Wizard to make room for new digital equipment. “We didn’t get rid of them because they weren’t doing their jobs, we got rid of them because our business changed. Park builds workhorses.”

Joe says that after 15 years, the machines were in just as good of shape as they were on day one. “We maintained them, and had Park come out and service them for us from time to time. As a result, we sold a 2006 YUKON® for half of its original purchase price.”

Going Digital, Then Doubling Down

In 2017, CCS was ready to grow its digital footprint and added the following machines:

  • FUSION® CNC Sawjet
  • TITAN® 2800 CNC Router
  • FASTBACK® Edge Polisher

In 2020 and 2021, to double their capacity and prepare for the latest material trends, they added a:

  • TITAN® 3800 CNC Router
  • FASTBACK® II with SlabBACK™ Slab Support
  • HydroClear™ Pro 220 All-In-One Water System
  • SABERjet™ XP 5-Axis CNC Sawjet
Stone Fabrication Shop at Carolina Custom Surfaces | Case Study for Park Industries Stone Machinery
SIX Park Industries® machines can be seen here in Carolina Custom Surfaces’ production!

FASTBACK® II – A Fabricator Favorite

When asked which of his Park Industries® equipment was his team’s favorite, Joe chuckled. “If I took the FASTBACK® II out of the shop, the guys would kill me.”

After the FASTBACK® II Edge Polisher was installed, his team asked, “What took us so long?”

Stone Polishing machinery at Carolina Custom Surfaces | Case Study for Park Industries Stone Machinery
FASTBACK® II Edge Polisher next to TITAN® 3800.

Joe had heard other shop owners say that the FASTBACK® II could do the work of one employee in only an hour a day. He didn’t believe it, until he saw it.

Joe said, “One nice thing about the FASTBACK® is that new team members can run it by themselves with very little training time needed. We have a few employees who that have been here about two weeks. With the FASTBACK®, you can take someone that doesn’t know stone and have them running the FASTBACK® safely – in a day or two.”

The Next Generation of CNC Router

Similarly, Joe is delighted with how easy it is for employees to use the TITAN® 3800 CNC Router. He feels he can train a new team member to use it in about a week. “They may not be able to program, but they can load and unload tables. They can learn to operate the machine in a short period of time. The new technology and interface is so easy to work with.”

Speaking of speed, Joe is thrilled with the speed of his new TITAN® 3800.  “It moves so fast. Tool changes, movements between parts, the 3800 is much faster than other CNC’s. We are now able to run some tools over 400 inches per minute.”

TITAN CNC Stone Machine at Carolina Custom Surfaces | Case Study for Park Industries Stone Machinery
Side-by-side TITAN CNC Routers: TITAN® 3800 & TITAN® 2800 at Carolina Custom Surfaces.

After CCS installed its 3800, they purchased the High Speed Water Kit for their TITAN® 2800 so they could run high-speed tooling on both machines.

“We like our 2800 a lot…and didn’t know what difference we would see with the 3800. When the 3800 showed up, we were all like WOW! The difference was clear. Watching the two machines side by side, there was no doubt where the improvements were made, and the improvements were epic!”

Remove shop pain points

“If you’re a shop that’s not recycling your water, there are HUGE savings to be had, both financially and environmentally.”

CCS has been using a water recycling system for quite some time, but found some challenges.  

Joe said, “When you’re recycling your water over and over again, you tend to get hard water. With our old systems, we were always trying to do water testing on our own like you would a swimming pool. We were adding chemicals to try to balance the pH and hardness.”

When Joe and the Park team were re-imagining the CCS shop in 2020 and 2021, he wanted a system that was self-sufficient and had the greatest recycling capacity he could buy. So he purchased the largest water system Park makes – the Hydroclear™ PRO 220 Water System and is glad his water is now an afterthought.

“I don’t want to worry about water – Park is going to keep building faster and faster equipment and our shop is going to continue to grow. I want the ability to add new equipment and speed up my machines as new options become available. ”

The all-in-one HydroClear™ Pro 220 System can accommodate up to 170 gallons per minute for Joe’s shop and he no longer needs to conduct water testing, thanks to the HydroClear Pro’s unique 4 chemical system that manages coagulant, flocculent, bromine, and pH levels for a hands-free, worry-free operation.

Look to the future

Joe knows industry knowledge is an important part of a leader’s job. He often travels to trade shows, is part of networking groups and talks to other fabricators often.  “I feel like I have a pulse on what’s out there.”

Over the years, Joe has noticed that what he sees on the commercial side of his business today will be what he sees on the residential side of his business tomorrow; hence his recent purchase of a SABERjet™ XP 5-Axis CNC Sawjet.

SABERjet XP CNC Sawjet at Carolina Custom Surfaces | Case Study for Park Industries Stone Machinery
SABERjet™ XP CNC Sawjet with Ballast Tank.

“One of the main reasons I chose the SABERjet™ XP was the ability to cut underwater with the ballast tank option, and the work Park has done to optimize the cutting of porcelain and ultra compact materials. It’s not a big demand for us now, but we’re seeing porcelain and ultra-compact demand in our commercial work. We see enough coming through today to know that more is coming.”

“The SABERjet™ XP was an opportunity to buy a machine that is set up to do that material and give us the extra capacity we need to have the time to do it right.”

Why partner with Park Industries?

In short, Joe Duszka continues to rely on Park Industries® for his equipment because of the relationship he’s built with people in the organization.

“In terms of sales expertise, they take the time to understand my business and what my needs are. ”A few years ago, Joe approached his sales consultant, Matt Zink, with a specific piece of Park Industries® equipment in mind.

Joe Duszka of Carolina Custom Surfaces | Case Study for Park Industries Stone Machinery
Joe Duszka next to one of his American Made Park Industries® machines.

The sales consultant looked at Joe’s daily output and told him their volume was too high for the equipment he was interested in. “He told me that I was going to be disappointed if I chose that machine. I appreciated that. He took the time to understand what we were trying to do and provided the best solution for us.”

“Lastly, Park’s service is impeccable. There is no one else out there that does the job Park does on the customer service side. If we have a problem, we can call with Park available 24/7 to help us through whatever the issue is. “Park has top-notch people in all aspects of their business. Park Industries® is not just an equipment manufacturer, they are a solution provider and a true business partner.”

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