User-Friendly for Ease of Operation

Park Industries has invested time, money, and resources to ensure if you can operate a smartphone, you can run Park's CNC machine.  The iTEC interface utilizes a touchscreen to mirror the simplicity of using a smartphone.  CNC programming may sound complicated, but the iTEC interface simplifies programming into user-friendly controls to save operators time and boost production.

Using AlphaStone programming software, the iTEC interface brings the programming to a very simple level.  It does this by utilzing exclusive toolbars, created to combine a sequence of action to a single stroke.

Unique Controls

This intuitive user-friendly interface is unique to Park Industries CNC machines.  The iTech Interface is utilized on the TITAN Fab Center, TITAN Stone Center, FUSION CNC Saw/Waterjet Series, and the SABER CNC 5-Axis Saw.

This 15 inch color touch screen system is unlike any other in the market. From data entry, tool setup, troubleshooting, tool library, or operation - everything is available from the touchscreen controls.

CNC programming made easy with the iTEC Interface. Call 800.328.2309 for a personalized demonstration.