Machine & Software Training

Park Industries® offers flexible forms of training for CNC operators, of stone machinery, to master their machine and programming skills.


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Training Offerings

Two of your company’s greatest assets include your equipment and personnel. Park Industries® Training Institute comprises the most talented and dedicated team of trainers who are laser focused on providing you cutting edge knowledge and expertise.

Thousands of fabricators have built their machine expertise with the assistance of Park Industries®. Whether your training is done at Park Industries®, at your location, or online, we have the training solution to meet your company’s needs. Get the most out of your investment!

Class Types:
  • CNC Machine Operations
  • CNC Machine Programming
  • Machine Maintenance
  • Slabsmith & ProNest Software
Class Formats:
  • Online
  • Onsite (Trainer comes to your shop)
  • At Park Industries® (You come to our training facility)

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At Park Industries Machine-Training-for-Stone-and-Metal-Fabricators-from-Park-Industries

At Park Industries®

Prior to your new CNC machine arriving, you will attend training at our state-of-the-art training facility, at our corporate headquarters in St. Cloud, MN.

Park certified trainers will give you hands-on experience and tailored training to ensure that you gain the skills and knowledge to efficiently run your new machine. Class sizes are kept small to give you more hands-on, and face-to-face instructor time.

The hands-on philosophy of “learn by doing” is the most effective training available. Fabricators will learn CAD software, CNC programming, machine operations and preventive maintenance to properly maintain the equipment for increased longevity and optimal uptime.

Resources for Training at Park:

At Park Industries Machine-Training-for-Stone-and-Metal-Fabricators-from-Park-Industries

Online Training

Get the training you need without any travel expenses. From the convenience of your office, advance your programming skills to use your machines in ways you didn’t know they were capable of. Online training is customizable, designed specifically to meet your personnel, equipment, and company needs.

This training is done one-on-one, so the training can go as fast or slow as your needs require. We can help you with a quick programming refresher, full programming training, or an audit of your programming process – it’s up to you! Below are a few of the courses available:

Basic/Refresh Classes:

  • ITM Tool Set-Up
  • SlabSmith Software
  • TITAN Programming (basic tooling, styles, tool library, etc.)
  • FUSION Programming
  • SABER Programming
  • SABERJET XP Programming
  • VOYAGER XP Programming
  • OPTIMUS Programming

Advanced Classes:

  • Shower Plans
  • Fluted Drain Boards
  • Back Gauging
  • Engraving
  • Leather/Face Polishing

Onsite at your location Training for Park Industries Stone and Metal CNC Machine Programming and machine operation

OnSite / At Your Shop

A highly skilled trainer will train at your shop and help your employees fully utilize the capability of your Park equipment. Onsite training is fully customizable. Similar to Online Training, we can do refresher programming training, full programming, or an audit of your programming process. In addition, we can also do full machine operation & maintenance training. 

Onsite training allows us to focus on the one-on-one training that is most important to you as well as possibly identify potential areas for process improvements within your fabrication facility. 

Areas of Focus:

  • Programming
  • Maintenance
  • Operations

Training & Service Guides

Step-by-step how-to guides, created by Park Industries® Technicians, available at your fingertips.


In order to maximize your return on your equipment, it is important that you have knowledgeable operators. No matter what material you’re processing (stone or metal), a Park Industries certified trainer will ensure that you are obtaining the full benefits your machine can offer. By partnering with Park’s well-trained staff, your organization will benefit from increased performance and maintain a competitive edge in your market. We are ready to help you.


Adrian Rossman

Started at Park: 2004

Adrian worked as a Machinist at Park for 12 years prior to becoming a technical trainer. He started at Park during college and has been there ever since.

Brian Lindbloom

Started at Park: 2018

Prior to coming to Park, Brian spent 8 years in the stone countertop industry, primarily as a Machine Programmer & Operator. He has experience programming, operating, and maintaining CNC Routers, CNC SawJets, and CNC bridge saws.


Tim Boldt

Started at Park: 2016

Prior to becoming a Technical Trainer, Tim was the Lead Electrical Technician at Park Industries.


Jeremy Stommes

Started at Park: 2013

Prior to Park, Jeremy worked in the countertop industry for 5 years. He started at Park as Plasma Operator & Machinist running Mazak machines and now specializes in architectural stone applications, machines, and specialty tooling processes.


Dan Anderson

Started at Park: 2012

Prior to Park, Dan received a degree in Robotics and worked at a CNC Router manufacturing company for 15 years. In his free time, he creates things on his own personal CNC Router in his garage.


Brad Martin

Started at Park: 2015

Prior to Park, Brad was a member of the active duty Army for 21 years with multiple assignments as Unit Training Non-Commissioned Officer.

Ross Revermann

Started at Park: 2013

Prior to Park Ross, spent 6 years in the custom cabinet & countertop industry, primarily as a Programmer and Machine Operator. Ross started at Park as an Installation Technician. He installed Park CNC machines for 6 years.

The Park Trainer I had is one of the finest individuals I have ever met in this business, and I have been doing this for over 17 years now. He took great care in training us and truly cares about his profession and our success as a customer. He made sure we were prepared by the end of the class.

Brett Brunson

Evolution Design

The training session Park provided was very helpful. Their tech was patient and thorough in all his training. One of our new programmers is now up to speed on the process for the Titan programming and one of our seasoned vets said, even he gained additional knowledge. It was very resourceful and we appreciate the partnership with them.

Scott Wood

Front Range Stone

Park’s trainers and their process is about as good as it gets. They are clear, make sense, and understand our needs as fabricators. After one week of training at their facility and one week of training at ours, I felt fully trained on our new TITAN even with no prior CAD experience. When we bought a CNC saw from a different company, we felt like we were left on our own to figure it out – they only cared about the sale. It took us 7 months before I felt fully trained and proficient on that machine. You are looking at 2 weeks versus 7 months. Park’s training is just another way they provided us Peace of Mind!

Chip Carnevale

Pietra Naturale

The online training provided by Park Industries helped me advance my programming skills, from the convenience of my office.


Olympia Stone