Utilize the different forms of training Park Industries® offers to master machine skills and maximize productivity.

Skill. Knowledge. Flexibility.

Two of your company’s greatest assets include your equipment and personnel. Park Industries® Training Institute comprises the most talented and dedicated team of trainers who are laser focused on providing you cutting edge knowledge and expertise as it pertains to running your Park Industries equipment.

Thousands of fabricators have built their expertise with the assistance of Park Industries. Whether your training is done at Park Industries, at your location, or online, we have the training solution to meet your company’s needs. Get the most out of your investment!


State-Of-The-Art Training Facility

Park Industries® houses a State-Of-The-Art Training Facility located in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Learn about the stone and metal machine training programs offered at Park.

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Online Training

 Gain advanced programming skills from the convenience of your office. Learn about stone and metal machine training programs offered via online training.

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Onsite Training

 A trainer from Park Industries® will come and provide training onsite at your shop. Learn about at location stone and metal machine training programs.

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  • Stone CNC Machine Operations
  • Stone CNC Machine Programming
  • Stone Machine Maintenance 
  • Slabsmith Software 
  • Plasma CNC Machine Operations
  • Plasma CNC Machine Programming
  • Plasma Machine Maintenance 
  • ProNest Software





FUSION® CNC SawJet | Programming Miter Cuts

Part 1: FUSION® Miter Cuts

Part 2: FUSION® Miter Cuts


TITAN® CNC Router | Programming in alphacam

Creating a Style in alphacam | TITAN®

Editing a Style in alphacam | TITAN®

Editing Sinks in alphacam | TITAN®

Tool Oscillation in alphacam | TITAN®

Facing in Alphacam | TITAN®

Open Pocket Using Boundary | TITAN®


TITAN® CNC Router | ITM & Tooling Setup

Part 1: Setting Up & Operating ITM | TITAN®

Part 2: Setting Up & Operating ITM | TITAN®

Part 3: Setting Up & Operating ITM | TITAN®

Tool Setup P1 - Digitize Part | TITAN®

Tool Setup P2 - Creating a Program | TITAN®

Tool Setup P3 - Testing and Adjusting Tools | TITAN®

Tool Setup P4 - Testing and Adjusting Tools | TITAN®


Remote Connectivity

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 Park's Skilled Training Team

In order to maximize your return on your stone or metal equipment, it is important that you have knowledgeable operators. No matter what stone you’re processing (quartz, natural, quartzite, etc), a Park Industries certified trainer will ensure that you are obtaining the full value and benefits that your new machinery can offer.  Park Industries provides high levels of technical training to strengthen your staff’s technical skills and streamline the performance of your staff and machine. Partnering with Park’s well-trained staff, your organization will benefit from increased performance and maintain its competitive edge in your market. We are ready to help you.

Meet the Technical Trainers:

Park’s trainers and their process is about as good as it gets.  They are clear, they make sense, and they understand our needs as fabricators.  We purchased a TITAN with Park.  After one week of training at their facility and one week of training at ours, I felt fully trained wtih the software even with no prior CAD experience.  We then bought a CNC saw from a different company and they offered one week of training.  After that we were left on our own to figure it out – they only cared about the sale.  It took us 7 months before I felt fully trained and proficient on the machine.  You are looking at 2 weeks versus 7 months. Park Industries provided us the Peace of Mind and I would highly recommend partnering with Park!

Chip Carnevale
Pietra Naturale

The Online training provided by Park helped me advance my programming skills, from the convenience of my office."
The training session Park provided was very helpful.  Their tech was patient and thorough in all his training.  One of our new programmers is now up to speed on the process for the Titan programming and one of our seasoned vets said, even he gained additional knowledge.  It was very resourceful and we appreciate the partnership with them.

Scott Wood 
Front Range Stone Countertops

Park Industries trained me on how to program our machine to perform in ways I didn't realize it was capable of via their online training.
The Trainer I had is one of the finest individuals I have ever met in this business, and I have been doing this for 17 years now.  He took great care in training us and truly cares about his profession and our success as a customer.  He made sure we were prepared by the end of the class.

Brett Brunson
Evolution Design

The online training provided by Park Industries helped me advance my programming skills, from the convenience of my office.

Olympia Stone

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