Expert Training

Utilize the different forms of training Park Industries offers to master machine skills and maximize productivity.

Get the Most out of your Investment

You've made a major investment in technology. We offer a variety of training options to ensure that you and your staff receive the knowledge and skills to run your machine efficiently and effectively.  We are committed to providing you the service and support to keep your business growing!

Hands-On Training at Park's Training Center

Prior to your new machine arriving, you will attend our state-of-the-art training center at our corporate headquarters. Park certified trainers will give you hands-on experience and tailored training to ensure that you gain the skills and knowledge to efficiently and effectively run your new machine.

In addition, convenient, technical training documents will be given to your staff to use for future reference. We’ll also show your operators how to properly maintain the equipment for increased longevity and optimal uptime.

Skill Enhancement Sessions

Are you running your machines. but want to advance your skills to the next level?  Get focused, uninterrupted coaching to address your specific needs. Session times are flexible - we can schedule around your shop workflow.  No travel costs or time away from work. 

Customized, On-Line Coaching Examples:

Basic/Refresh Skills:

  • ITM Tool Set-Up
  • Slabsmith Software
  • TITAN Programming (basic, tooling, styles, tool library, etc)
  • FUSION Programming
  • SABER Programming

Advanced Skills:

  • Shower Plans
  • Fluted Drain Boards
  • Back Gauging
  • Engraving
  • Leather/Face Polishing

On-Site Training Available

Do you have new employees that you need to train on your Park equipment but you just don’t have the time or experience?  Are you not running your equipment at its highest efficiency or potential? 

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you may want to consider providing some on-site training offered by Park Industries at your shop.  A highly skilled trainer will train at your shop and help your employees fully utilize the capability of your Park equipment.  Call Park Industries for more information regarding on-site training opportunities.

On-Line Training Available

Get the training you need without any travel expenses.   Learn programming from the convenience of your office and advance your skills to using your machines in ways you may have not realized you were capable of doing.


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Travel & Accommodations

To help you enjoy your travel experience to St. Cloud, MN, we have listed a variety of hotel options, local activities, and of course, the weather forecasts. 

Remote Connectivity

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Park’s trainers and their process is about as good as it gets.  They are clear, they make sense, and they understand our needs as fabricators.  We purchased a TITAN with Park.  After one week of training at their facility and one week of training at ours, I felt fully trained wtih the software even with no prior CAD experience.  We then bought a CNC saw from a different company and they offered one week of training.  After that we were left on our own to figure it out – they only cared about the sale.  It took us 7 months before I felt fully trained and proficient on the machine.  You are looking at 2 weeks versus 7 months. Park Industries provided us the Peace of Mind and I would highly recommend partnering with Park!

Chip Carnevale
Pietra Naturale

The On-line training provided by Park helped me advance my programming skills, from the convenience of my office."
The training session Park provided was very helpful.  Their tech was patient and thorough in all his training.  One of our new programmers is now up to speed on the process for the Titan programming and one of our seasoned vets said, even he gained additional knowledge.  It was very resourceful and we appreciate the partnership with them.

Scott Wood 
Front Range Stone Countertops

Park Industries trained me on how to program our machine to perform in ways I didn't realize it was capable of via their on-line training.
The Trainer I had is one of the finest indivuals I have ever met in this business, and I have been doing this for 17 years now.  He took great care in traing us and truly cares about his profession and our success as a customer.  He made sure we were prepared by the end of the class.

Brett Brunson
Evolution Design

The on-line training provided by Park Industries helped me advance my programming skills, from the convenience of my office.

Olympia Stone