Precision. Performance. Peace of Mind®.

Park Industries® continues to provide the stone industry with innovative, American-Made machinery.  With over 14,500 of our machines sold, we are North America's largest manufacturer of stoneworking machinery.  Technology has changed since our beginning in 1953, but our steadfast commitment to customer service has remained rock solid.


Precise, Integrated Manufacturing

Quality is ensured by keeping all operations in-house with complete control, from design to assembly.  Park Industries® equipment is the industry standard and the most durable on the market, built to minimize downtime and maximize profitability.

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Steadfast Education

With a fully-equipped training center, our dedicated expert training takes you through a detailed course on programming, operating, and maintaining machines. Combine this with resources like on-line training, on-site training, and more; maximum productivity can be achieved on every machine.

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Legendary Customer Service

With world-class service and support, when you buy a machine, you also get 24/7 service with dozens of trained and certified associates. Complete with next day or no pay parts, and same day field-service technicians, our support system is unmatched.

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Partner for Profitability

Have Peace of Mind in your investment knowing you have partnered with North America's largest stoneworking manufacturer, and a company with over 60 years of experience.  We act as your trusted advisor, whose constant quest is to provide exceptional customer support and maximize your business's profitability.

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Fabricator Spotlight Stories



Began in 1999 with a PRO-EDGE® II & COUGAR® Bridge Saw.

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Began in 2005 with a DESTINY CNC & YUKON Bridge Saw.

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Began in 2012 with a used YUKON® & WIZARD®.

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Customer Satisfaction


Machine Expectations

98.67% of our customers said their Park machine met their expectations.


Recommend Park Machines

100% of our customers said they would recommend Park machines.


Impacted Profitability

96.67% of our customers said their machine made them more profitable.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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Scott Hanes
Majestic Marble & Granite

"The final decision to partner with Park industries was based on the overwhelming positive feedback from current customers with regards to product quality and equipment service. I look back on this decision and can honestly say that we made the right choice. We look forward to working with Park in the future as they continue to innovate the granite fabrication industry.”



Blake & Jill Wamstad
Hatton Granite Countertops

“We have done business with Park Industries for over 10 years. The associates at Park have become our trusted advisors and have helped us evolve and grow our business tremendously. With Park’s help, we have been able to increase our volume by nearly 300% and decrease our production costs by over 50%. We absolutely recommend Park to other fabricators.”

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Carmine Pantano
Frank's Marble & Granite

"Our Park machinery has helped us cut down on almost all of our downtime, while increasing production. In addition, we know Park is there for us with a dedicated service team and we can call with any problems that may arise. By choosing Park, we knew we’d have dependable service - you need that service. I can sum Park up in one word – reliability.”


With this many helpful, friendly people in your organization, why would we buy elsewhere?

Derrick Burgans
Prestige Custom Stone

The whole experience with Park Industries® has been unbeatable. Park is the total package. From the technical support, to the parts people, to anyone else I’ve talked with at Park, they’re all supportive and truly care.

Shawn Gomes
Ceramic Tile Plus

"Programmers can't keep up with us, we blast through stone with our three Park Industries machines. My personal record is 12 slabs cut on the SABER [CNC Saw] and 10 hrs runtime between both TITANs [CNC Routers] in 1 shift.....solo I might add!"

Steve Wiliams
KW Countertops