Camera Solutions

Camera Solutions for CNC Saws Comparison


Park Industries® is proud to offer a variety of camera options for their CNC sawing solutions to meet your needs with slab locating, veinmatching, and more.


The Pathfinder utilizes a mix of high quality camera, green screen aframe, lightstands, and a PC workstation to create a powerful digital photo station for fabricators to capture and digitze their slabs without taking machine time.

It offers Slabsmith software for veinmatching, 3D rendering, and inventorying of slabs.

Pathfinder Digital Photo Station for Veinmatching and Slab Inventory | Software for Stone Fabricators CNC Machines


The SIDE-SHOT provides fabricators the tools to capture slab images right at the machine with an extremely small footprint requirement. The SIDE-SHOT incorporates Slabsmith Lite software for vein matching and 3D rendering.

SIDE-SHOT Photo Station - At Saw Camera System for Digital Slab - Full Machine

Overhead Camera:

The Overhead Camera offers operators a high quality camera right at the saw to locate the slab on the table and position their program. It ties in directly with the machine’s HMI and alphacam. No software to run the camera is necessary, but Slabsmith Lite can be added at a later date.

Overhead Camera

Bridge Mounted Camera:

The bridge mounted camera gives fabricators slab positioning right at their saw without any height concerns of the system. It is mounted directly to the back of the bridge of the machine and is the most economical camera offering.

Systems Comparison:

PathfinderSIDE-SHOTOverhead CameraBridge Mounted Camera
Photo LocationAt Photo StationAt MachineAt MachineAt Machine
Camera SoftwareSlabsmithSlabsmith LiteBuilt-InBuilt-In
Alphacam CapabilityYesYesYesYes
Slab PositioningSlab StopsCameraCameraCamera
Camera QualityGoodGoodGoodAverage
Digital Slab InventoryYesNoNoNo