TITAN 4000 Series Full Table Challenge - Cut This Polish That

PACKED Table (85 Sq Ft of Countertop Parts) on the New TITAN 4800


85 square feet of parts for a large kitchen and more…all packed onto the spacious table of the new TITAN® 4800. How long will it take to finish these on the TITAN CNC router?  

In our latest episode of Cut This, Polish That, we dive into the advantages of owning the largest work area in the industry with fast, precise CNC automation. This vast workspace allows you to load it up with numerous parts, hit the start button, and walk away with the assurance of precise, swift results. This time around, we put the TITAN 4000 CNC Router Series to the test.

Watch closely to meet the TITAN 4000, see some high-speed polishing in positions 2 and 3, and stay tuned for the results revealed at the end of the episode.

Jon and Brian, of Park Industries, give you a quick look at what’s new with the TITAN 4000 series and discuss the common question “How many countertop kitchens can this CNC router handle in a single shift?” This episode is sponsored by MSI, featuring a table full of their beautiful Calacatta Miraggio Cielo parts.

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