Mitered Dekton Fireplace on the JAVELIN™ - Cut This, Polish That

Mitered Dekton Fireplace on the JAVELIN™


In this episode of Cut This, Polish That, witness the JAVELIN™ CNC Sawjet tackle the challenge of cutting two slabs of Dekton™ Laurent for a stunning fireplace wrap, boasting an impressive 36 miter cuts.

Get an exclusive, up-close look at the JAVELIN’s precision engineering, featuring its AccuCut™ System and innovative helical rack and pinion technology. While renowned for high-volume stone production, this project highlights the JAVELIN’s finesse in crafting high-end work, showcasing its masterful mitering, seamless blade-to-jet transitions, and advanced features for cutting any material with ease.

Sponsored by Cosentino, this episode features their gorgeous Dekton Laurent material. Dekton is an innovative, ultra-compact durable surface for architecture and design that is resistant to UV rays, scratches, stains and thermal shock, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. The Laurent design was inspired by the natural stone Port Laurent, with the striking colorway featuring a dramatic dark brown background crisscrossed with veins of gold.

See the JAVELIN in action, the finished fireplace, and more in this episode of Cut This, Polish That!   

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