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Taj Mahal Quartzite vs JAVELIN™ CNC Sawjet (Mini Episode)


In this mini episode of Cut This, Polish That, the JAVELIN™ CNC Sawjet takes on a force of nature: quartzite.

The project? A Taj Mahal quartzite island with 35 miter cuts for an integrated sink, waterfall edge, and more. Watch the JAVELIN’s 27hp arbor motor and 5-axis waterjet knock out this quartzite job on this mini episode of Cut This, Polish That!


The JAVELIN’s rugged design and strong features rise to the occasion of cutting dense materials like quartzite. It knocks out this program, which involved 24 blade miters and 11 waterjet miters, in a little over an hour with no need to step cut. The miters were clean and the parts fit together seamlessly,

Sponsored by MSI, this episode features their a slab of their gorgeous 3cm Taj Mahal Quartzite. See the JAVELIN in action and more in this mini episode of Cut This, Polish That!   

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