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Getting the Most Out of Your Slabs: Ways to Optimize Material Yield While Cutting


Having the correct software and machinery is critical for cutting slabs of granite, marble, quartz and more efficiently. With the proper imaging technology, you can optimize and tightly fit parts onto a slab for max material usage.

And with the right machinery, you can nest parts close together, common line cut, and more with confidence and accuracy. With an increased push to prevent waste and improve profits, fabricators should invest in both technologies to get the most out of their slabs.

The Push for Reducing Slab Waste

There is immense pressure on businesses today to do more with less. This pressure is dominant for stone fabricators who need reliable ways to get the most yield from their slabs.

Without reliable imaging and accurate cutting, fabricators could waste 40% or more material. Luckily, with slab imaging and tighter cuts, you can expect to gain significantly more material yield.

Optimizing Material Yield with Slab Imaging

Slab imaging lets your team capture high-resolution imaging of each slab, keep a visual inventory, and precisely map each piece before cutting. In addition to a 3D layout and visualization, this technology makes vein matching extremely easy.

You won’t have to spend hours moving pieces around to create the right look. Instead, you can run dozens of scenarios right from your computer screen. Not only will this technology save you from painstaking labor each year, but it will also lead to less waste and increased profit margins.

Layout software like Slabsmith that comes with Pathfinder® Digital Imaging workstation captures high-resolution images of each slab. You can use these images for many purposes, like slab and remnant inventory and CNC programming.

Slab Inventory Management system Pathfinder Slab Workstation 4
Pathfinder Digital Imaging

Accurate Machines that Produce Less Waste

Besides tighter nesting, tighter cuts are another way to produce less waste with each slab. To make close cuts, however, you need high-quality machines that won’t ruin usable areas of the slab during production.

VOYAGER™ XP with TightCut™

If you need a CNC saw with great nesting, the VOYAGER™ XP offers the revolutionary TightCut™ feature. TightCut™ nests parts closer together and can increase your shop’s material yield by up to 10%.

Watch: Less Milling, More Material Yield with the VOYAGER™ XP

SABERjet™ XP with Waterjet Precision

For those looking for even more precision, SABERjet™ XP CNC Sawjet delivers. The “waterjet” feature allows for tight nesting of cuts, 90 degree corners, sinks, and more without running into other parts. This feature is the most efficient way to cut countertops–saving 20% or more in material yield.

Watch: the SABERjet™ XP Cut Nesting parts, radius cuts, and inside corner cuts

Seeing the Results

Precise slab imaging and tighter cuts help you get the most out of your slabs, but how much will it help you? With these technologies, it’s common for jobs that usually take two slabs to take one instead.

With stone solutions like these, you can gain anywhere from 10-30% more material yield overall. With these savings, business owners have a reliable answer to the pressure to do more with less.

Optimize Yield With Park Industries’ Digital Slab Solutions!

Optimizing material yield and reducing waste is easy with the right equipment. Trust Park Industries to provide your shop with reliable slab-cutting solutions that increase profit margins and minimize material needs for each job.