Salvaging Slabs


Would you throw out a half-used bottle of shampoo? Just as you would choose to continue using the remainder of your soap, it is wasteful to let the leftover stone material go unused and in the trash after completing one project. Instead of throwing stone scraps, utilize the leftover pieces that are large enough for another project.

A customer may want a smaller project done like a vanity that does not require a large slab. Sometimes you may want a smaller bottle of shampoo and the travel size version is available for this scenario.  There is a way to make remnants more usable for future projects.

Three Simple Steps:

  1. Decide how large of a remnant is useable to your business.
  2. Treat the remnant as a workpiece and square it off with your CNC saw. This cuts it into a simple square shape that is easier to handle and store in inventory.
  3. The remnant inventory becomes a selection of smaller slabs for customers to choose from for their unique projects.

This process separates scrap from the usable remnant, making it easier to discard the scrap pieces because they are no longer usable at all. Fabricators will save time, material, and money by systematically salvaging the usable remains of stone for future projects.

Learn more about slab inventory here.