Mitered Dekton Trapezoid on the New JAVELIN™ (Mini Episode)

Mitered Dekton Trapezoid on the New JAVELIN™ (Mini Episode)


In our first mini episode of Cut This, Polish That™, the JAVELIN™ CNC Sawjet cuts two slabs of Dekton™ Trillium for a custom trapezoid center piece table, boasting compound miters with angles reaching 56°. The JAVELIN showcases its miter skills and ability to dominate complex custom work for a special customer demo. 

Premier Stone Design’s Connor Wendt and his team love their Park Industries® VOYAGER™ XP CNC Saw, but the pursuit of expanded production capacities and the ability to tackle more sophisticated projects led them to explore the capabilities of the JAVELIN. They are specifically looking for ways to cut sharp angles greater than the standard 0-47° most saws offer. With a specific focus on cutting angles beyond the standard 0-47° range offered by most saws, Connor brought the Cut This, Polish That team a fun new challenge to see what the all new JAVELIN CNC Sawjet can do for this unique, countertop job. 

Its capabilities were on full display as the JAVELIN breezed through 16 miter cuts, including 8 at 56° angles – it can miter 0-58° with its 5-axis waterjet. The JAVELIN cut clean, sharp miters out of the Dekton slabs with zero hand cleanup required on this compound trapezoid.   

Connor shares, “Watching the JAVELIN work was extremely impressive. The waterjet mitering is a game changer – it’s fast and produces razor-sharp miters.” In addition to its stellar performance, Connor highlighted the JAVELIN’s compact footprint and table accessibility as standout features. 

See the JAVELIN in action, the finished trapezoid, and more in just 90 seconds on this mini episode of Cut This, Polish That!  

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