Porcelain Island Cut on the SABERjet XP CNC Sawjet | Miter cutting and more on new episode of Cut This, Polish That

Thunderstorm Porcelain Island with 18 Miters! (From Beginning to End)


Thunderstorm porcelain. 18 total miters. Compound miters. Fully wrapped island. CNC sawjet precision. LET’S GO!

There is a TON to see in our latest episode of “Cut This, Polish That.” Get ready to witness the transformation of four stunning slabs of Infinity Thunderstorm 12mm porcelain into a fully wrapped, complex island boasting compound miters and unconventional angles.

At the heart of this episode lies the SABERjet XP, a cutting-edge CNC sawjet with its exceptional porcelain cutting and mitering capabilities on full display! Able to miter with both blade and waterjet, the SABERjet XP is the perfect machine to tackle this project with. It handles miter cuts up to 47 degrees easily with its blade, then utilizes its waterjet for miters up to 58° angles and to finish inside corners.

Sponsored by Infinity Surfaces, our episode takes you from the digital slab capture and programming stages to the cutting process and even through the final installation. See how the precise miters and spot-on vein matching all come together at the end for this stunning Thunderstorm porcelain island! 

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