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Dave Scott
Slabworks of Montana


Dave Scott, owner of TDS Corp. DBA Slabworks of Montana, started his business in 1990 as a tile installation company. in 1993, at the request of one of his customers, they began fabricating slab stone. Beginning with a rail saw and electric polishers, Slabworks grew from 2 to 16 employees. In 2008 they installed two machines just prior to the market crash, a YUKON Bridge Saw and a TITAN CNC Router. Going from 16 down to 4 employees, they survived with lean manufacturing and eventually added a FUSION CNC Saw/Waterjet and a Pathfinder. These additions positioned them to be able to grow and capture market share as the economy recovered. Today, Dave employs 20 people and operates a fully digital fabrication facility.

Dave was also voted as 2017's 'Fabricator of the Year' by Stone World Magazine.

Slabworks Of Montana
Bozeman, MT


Weekly Production: 1200 - 2000 sq. ft.
Park Equipment Owned: TITAN 2800 CNC Router, TITAN 2700 CNC Router, FUSION 4045 CNC Saw/Waterjets(x2), Pathfinder 1200, FASTBACK Edge Polisher