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RECAP: Denver Digital Stoneworking Expo

May 3, 2018

Park Industries® Digital Stoneworking Expo in Denver, CO drew in a crowd of about 100 stone fabricators from around the country. Countertop fabricators and professionals from across North America gathered for an education on increasing efficiency and maximizing profitability. The two-day event was full of shop tours, real stories from fabricators with metrics, and lively discussion on the digital fabrication process.




Local Fabrication Shop Tours

The event began with a tour of four local fabrication shops on April 18th and additional shop tour on Thursday during the Expo. The tours gave attendees the chance to watch Park machines in action and opened up the discussion on different digital fabrication techniques.

1. IV Granite & Marble | Weekly Production: 1,000-1,200 sq. ft.

The day started with a tour of IV Granite. They are a family-owned company that recently went digital with the addition of the SABER CNC Saw. The quality work and personal service this company is known for is built on their values of honesty, integrity, and fine craftsmanship.

Digital-Stoneworking-Expo-at-IV-Granite-and-Marble-Fabricator-Tour.jpgAttendees listen as IV Granite & Marble's shop is introduced on a sunny Colorado Day.


 2. YK Stone Center | Weekly Production: 1,200-1,400 sq. ft.

Next, the attendees weaved through YK Stone Center. This family-owned company focuses on custom stonework projects and highly detailed production with their FUSION® and TITAN®. Their slogan, “We cut surfaces, not corners” defines why they have become a highly reputable and recommended stone facility within Denver.

YK-Stone-Center-4-Digital-Stoneworking-Expo-Educational-event-in-Denver-2018YK Stone Center is known for their custom stonework.
YK-Stone-Center-4-Digital-Stoneworking-Expo-Educational-event-in-Denver-2018The TITAN® CNC Router finishing up a large island.
YK-Stone-Center-4-Digital-Stoneworking-Expo-Educational-event-in-Denver-2018Attendees viewing YK's creativity displayed in their showroom.


3. Saddleback Design | Weekly Production: 2,000 sq. ft.

The third tour destination was Saddleback Design. This fabrication shop operates the complete Digital Package from Park Industries and takes pride in their potential to exceed every customer’s expectations.

SaddleSeth Bromley sharing their shop's processes and what their digital equipment has meant to them.


4. Front Range Stone | Weekly Production: 10,000+ sq. ft.

The final stop on the bus tour was Front Range Stone. This is a high production fabrication shop operating a wall-to-wall fleet of Park Digital Technology. Front Range Stone serves as a leader in the Colorado market, providing custom countertops to the entire state of Colorado with the priority of fitting every customer’s budget. They run a fleet of Park machinery including: FUSION® Dual Tank CNC Sawjet (x3), TITAN® CNC Router (x5), SABERCNC Saw, VELOCITY® Edge Polisher.

Front-Range-Stone-FUSION-CNC-SawJet--Digital-Stoneworking-Expo-Educational-event-in-Denver-2018-1.jpgAttendees wowed by Front Range Stone's setup - a well organized shop, with rows of SawJets and CNC Routers.
Front-Range-Stone-3-Digital-Stoneworking-Expo-Educational-event-in-Denver-2018-1.jpgGreat networking and discussion between fabricators was present the entire bus tour.

*Bonus*  Walk through Front Range Stone with this live video from the event!

Front Range Stone Inc. - let’s walk through this high production shop, and the final stop on an exciting day full of stone fabrication. #DigitalStoneworkingExpo

Posted by Park Industries on Wednesday, April 18, 2018


5. Brekhus Marble & Granite | Weekly Production: 1,600 sq. ft.

Thursday, attendees were treated to the Co-Host’s shop, Brekhus Marble & Granite. They are a unique shop with high production capabilities, but maintaining a focus on intricate, highly custom work.

Brekhus-Tile-and-Granite-TITAN-CNC-Router-Digital-Stoneworking-Expo-Educational-event-in-Denver-2018-2.jpgBrekhus Tile & Stone discussing the production gained by investing in Digital equipment like their TITAN®.
Brekhus-Tile-and-Granite-FUSION-CNC-SawJet-Digital-Stoneworking-Expo-Educational-event-in-Denver-2018-1.jpg'State of the Art Facility' is proudly displayed alongside some beautiful blade art and a proud FUSION® CNC SawJet.


Unmatched Value Provided for Countertop Professionals

1. Labor Shortages Impact Our Industry

The labor outlook in the Stone Industry was discussed, as well as the importance of creating an environment that retains employees while automating processes when possible.

Digital-Stoneworking-Expo-Discussing-Labor-Shortages-in-Stone-Educational-event-in-Denver-2018.jpgPark Co-President, Joan Schatz, provides ways to help overcome to the labor shortage in the stone industry.

2. The Countertop Industry: Past. Present. Future.

Attendees learned about the outlook on the future of the countertop industry. Real-time data was collected anonymously allowing fabricators to benchmark themselves against fabricators in the industry from across the country.

Digital-Stoneworking-Expo-Educational-event-in-Denver-2018.jpgPark Co-President Mike Schlough shares data while discussing the state of the current industry and a positive outlook in future years to come.

3. What is Your Number?

 A discussion was opened up on metrics and tracking progress. Tools for evaluating shop performance were provided and attendees had a chance to use their numbers to assess areas for improvement.

Digital-Stoneworking-Expo-Discussing-Metrics-in-Stone-Educational-event-in-Denver-2018.jpgPark Sales Representative Rob Bromley discusses tuning into your shop's metrics and performance and giving attendees a head start on how to do that.


4. Digital Fabrication: From Start to Finish

Attendees were walked through the digital fabrication process from start to finish. This included a hands-on demonstration with Moraware and Laser Products. Hypertherm, leader in waterjet technology while offering lowest cost solutions, brought fabricators up to speed with a waterjet 101 presentation.

Digital-Stoneworking-Expo-Discussing-Digital-Technology-in-Stone-Educational-event-in-Denver-2018.jpgApplications Engineer Darren Mehr walks through Digital Fabrication, from Slab to Fab.


5. Our Transformation | Dave Scott, Slabworks of Montana

The 2017 Fabricator of the Year, Dave Scott, shares his story and the success Slabworks of Montana has had by providing their best work and staying confident in their pricing. Investing in your business will produce optimal results, and in order to invest it is crucial to know your business’ worth and set your prices accordingly.

Slabworks-of-Montana--Digital-Stoneworking-Expo-Educational-event-in-Denver-2018-1.jpgDave Scott, a charismatic speaker, had all eyes and ears captured as he presented.


6. Continuous Improvement | Geoffrey Gran, The Countertop Factory Midwest

Geoffrey Gran of The Countertop Factory Midwest focused on the importance of continuous improvement and tracking progress. Geoffrey shares the keys to growing your business with the right tools of technology.

Geoffrey-Gran-Countertop-Factory-Midwest--Digital-Stoneworking-Expo-Educational-event-in-Denver-2018-1.jpgGeoffrey Gran provides actionable items to take away from the DSE and better your business right away.


7. Beyond the Numbers | Liz Roth, Keystone Granite 

Liz Roth of Keystone Granite discussed her focus on developing strong customer loyalty through maintaining an emphasis on customer care. Liz is dedicated to enhancing her customers’ experiences and educating them through the countertop selection process.

Liz Roth explains why Park's customer service model lead to their decision to partner with Park.

8. Custom Stone Fabrication | Brekhus Granite & Marble

Brekhus Granite & Marble gave insight into their business model and shared their fabrication process by opening their doors to all of the attendees. The tour and presentation ignited discussion on their process and methods of fabrication.

Brekhus-Tile-and-Granite-2-Digital-Stoneworking-Expo-Educational-event-in-Denver-2018-1.jpgAttendees were able to see Brekhus's shop, their showroom, and something unique - their employee training center (pictured above).


Denver Attendee Testimonials | Inside the Experience

DeWayne Adams
Henry Tile

“The amount of information has been OFF THE CHART – I learned so much.”


Darren Hinton
Mountain View Surfaces

“The DSE helped me realize that since my business was not evolving and adapting – I was on the road to extinction.”


Gordon Marble
Marble Ventures

“A great opportunity to view other shops without competitor fear. I loved seeing how other shops set up their systems in place for their workflow.”





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