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Titan manual correction

  • Operation & Programming
  • Service

An error has been found in the TITAN ITM Calibration Tool Setup procedure. Please ensure that step A (shown below) reads 0.1 and not 1.0 in your TITAN Operation and Maintenance manual. This screen is located in the following Operation and Maintenance manuals: TITAN 1700 – page 4-111 or page 4-113 TITAN 1600/1800 manual – […]

Rebuilding VEM Eb13 spindle

This procedure will work on the Pro Edge II thru IV and Velocity polishing spindles. skill level 3 estimated time to complete: 4-5 hours Rebuild kit contains all parts necessary. Park Part # 65672 Tools Required: Part # 40142 20mm spanner wrench Part # 42146 30mm spanner wrench Part # 47425 Collar wrench Standard Tools […]

conveyor belt installation

This document illustrates the steps necessary to properly install a new conveyor belt on a Park Industries Fastback machine. skill level Estimated Time to complete: 3 – 4 hours Before installing the replacement belt, remove it from the box for a few hours prior to installation and lay it in the sun if possible. This […]

Spindle Motor replacement

  • Service

This document illustrates the steps necessary to properly replace a spindle motor on a Park Industries Fastback machine. Skill level 2 estimated time to complete: 30 minutes Power down the machine at the wall. Follow your companies internal lockout/tagout procedures. Open the junction box on the motor, make sure to label the wires then disconnect […]

Cross travel motion problems

If your cross travel surges as you are moving and then completely stops there is a good chance there is not oil going to the bearings. Skill level Estimated time to complete: 30 minutes Look on top of the machine at the oil level in the jug and make sure it is at an acceptable […]

Conveyor calibration

This procedure will ensure that the distance the belt travels is accurate and will cause the machine staggers to act in a proper manner. Skill Level Estimated time to complete: 15 minutes

Cross travel bearing replacement

  • Service

This document illustrates the steps required to replace the cross travel linear slide bearings on a Park Industries Pro Edge III or IV machines. Cover the table top with plastic to keep the rubber work surface free from oil in case the drip tray needs to be removed. Oil will penetrate the rubber top causing […]

High Flow Water Kit Install

  • Service

introduction: For this upgrade two 3/4″ water lines are required one for the recycled water and one for the Fresh water. Water flow results depend on water supply. The optimal set up would be 4″ main with two 1″ drops one for recycle and one for the fresh water. Main water manifold 3/4″ ball valve […]

Smart spindle inspection

  • Service

This guide is how to maintain and service the smart spindle drive assembly SKILL LEVEL 2 ESTIMATED TIME TO COMPLETE: 1 HOUR From the manual screen on the operators panel, position the miter angle of the bridge roughly at 90 degrees. Does not need to be exact. Once bridge is positioned, power down the machine, […]