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5-Axis CNC Saw

The SABER’s monoblock design with hydraulic tilt table is an ideal cutting workstation. The SABER elevates the value of a CNC saw by coring holes, cutting radius curves, incremental routing, servo mitering, and automatically cutting a variety of predefined shapes that can be dimensionally scaled. This machine will become the backbone of your operations.

  • 0-47°

  • 5-Axis


SABER 5-Axis CNC Saw from Park Industries

Sink your Teeth into a 5-Axis CNC Saw

Make the leap to a 5-Axis CNC Saw and let the SABER be the backbone of your operation.

Precision from all angles

The SABER™ CNC Saw utilizes a 5-axis moving ability for:

  • Curved Cutting Capabilities
  • 0-47 degree Miter Cutting
  • Core Faucet & Sink Holes
  • Incremental Routing Tool for Sink Cutting

More than Countertops

  • Straight Line Profiling – Consistently create finished linear profiled stone in less time with accuracy.
  • Cut Curves with Contour Cutting – Bumpouts? Radial cuts? No problem.
  • Gauging, Step Cutting & Plunge Cutting – Even the hardest of materials is no problem. The depth of each step cut will depend on the material. The maximum depth of cut is 4 inches.
  • Pool & Patio Coping – The simplicity of the programming provides the flexibility of creating miscellaneous shapes and sizes.

Programming System with Flexibility

Operators can run the SABER CNC Saw automatically or manually. For automatic, or programmed mode, it’s made easy with automated cutting of a variety of predefined parametric shapes that can be dimensionally scaled. For orthogonal, or manual mode, utilize manual joystick controls, convenient for operating the machine or a wireless pendant that allows operators to control the machine from different locations with literally no strings attached.

Fast & Efficient Material Handling

Complete with our unique hydraulic tilt table, the SABER CNC Saw allows operators to have a safe and faster way to load or unload slabs. Bolt Action Pins are utilized for an easy, efficient, and durable way to hold a slab in position while loading the table. This time saving feature equals higher productivity. The open architecture design of the machine allows the operator to have a full view of the work area.


5-Axis Movements

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SABER Automatic Mitering

CNC Sawing & More

With endless possibilities, the SABER is packed with cutting functions with the help of its 5-axis design. These functions include: curved cutting, 0-47 automatic mitering, coring holes, routing sinks, straight line profiling, and more!



The hydraulic tilt table on the SABER provides precision control and easy slab loading which reduces stone breakage. The hydraulics reliable, single cylinder lift system has a load capacity of 2,000 lbs. The design of the table structure allows for easy access to clean under the table.


Compact, Monoblock Design

The unique monoblock design allows the SABER to be installed and relocated easily, with no special foundation requirements. In addition, the structural integrity of the SABER results in incredible tolerances and accuracy. The small footprint and compact design is ideal for countertop fabrication, requiring minimal floor space and ceiling height requirements.

SABER Programming System With Flexibility

Flexible Programming / Operation

Easily program with the simplicity of parametric programming on the SABER. Enter your dimensions and the saw automatically programs the shape to those dimensions. Or easily cut in orthogonal mode allowing operators to cut without generating a program using simple joystick controls or a wireless pendant for convenient operation.

Digital Imaging System

Digital Imaging System

The SABER has a camera above the table allowing fabricators to photograph the slab and layout the program, right at the machine. In addition, the camera identifies the borders and fissures, resulting in increased efficiency and yield.



The unique bolt action stops located on the SABER hydraulic tilt table are ideal for loading the slabs easily and safely. The bolt action stops are quick and simple to lock in or out of position for rapid material exchanges.


SABER 5-Axis CNC Saw - Fierce Productivity


SABER CNC Saw | Cutting Architectural Stone Applications


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We just purchased a SABER [CNC Saw] and cannot say how great everything has been. Park Industries® customer service is outstanding and the saw is beyond what we thought it could be.

Jason Schonert

Schonert & Associates Commercial Tile

Best CNC Machine Today.

Josh M.

Vaughn's Custom Countertops

After I had a prominent employee quit, I thought I would be in trouble. The SABER CNC Saw cuts the slab, sink, and all radius corners with only 20 minutes of programming in the morning! I didn’t think saws like the SABER existed. It puts the hardest part of fabrication in my hands and makes it easy. It reduces the stress of dealing with labor issues. With the SABER, and only two polishers, I’m doing 12 kitchens per week and I am cutting three days ahead.

Constantin Moga


Programmers can’t keep up with us, we blast through stone with our three Park Industries machines. My personal record is 12 slabs cut on the SABER [CNC Saw] and 10 hrs runtime between both TITANs [CNC Routers] in 1 shift…..solo I might add!

Steve Williams

KW Countertops

We are saving app. $2000 per month on plastic template material along with 6 labor hours per day since having the SABER CNC Saw installed.

Wayne Fajkus

Granite By Design

This easily trainable machine cut down on almost all of our overtime, while increasing production. Where we used to have overtime every other weekend, now its once every 3 months. The SABER CNC Saw is so easy to use. Once you tell it to cut, you are free to work on another job. There is time to prepare another job or inspect a slab. It is a nice flow and it helps projects get done quicker in a day. Once you hit ‘Go’, you can walk away.

Carmine Pantano

Frank's Marble & Granite

Everything was great, from training to install we are happy. I wish i had made this move 5 years ago. With the SABER [CNC Saw] we are able to produce 3x what were able to do with our previous bridge saw.

Daniil Skorev

Instone Granite & Marble

The SABER’s cutting accuracy and speed has really increased our production! It’s mitering speed has been very fast, and instead of it being a time consuming process, mitering has become a no big deal task with the SABER.

David Swernoff

Lakeside Stoneworks

That SABER™… for the price of the machine, it is the TOP machine in the market. Our SABER™ could outrun two routers going at once.

Jeremy Boatman

Boatman Tile & Granite

We can send the same program from the SABER™ to the TITAN®. With extreme ease, our slabs are cut, mitered, and routed.

Mike Medina

Natural Stone Design Fabrication

Programmers can’t keep up with us, we blast through stone with our three Park Industries machines. My personal record is 12 slabs cut on the SABER [CNC Saw] and 10 hrs runtime between both TITANs [CNC Routers] in 1 shift…..solo I might add!

Steve Wiliams

KW Countertops

Technical Info

SABER 5-Axis CNC Saw from Park Industries

Arbor Motor

15 hp

A-Axis / Mitering


Blade Size

14" or 16"

Max Cut Depth


Max Routing Tool Size

20mm insert diameter

Max Coring Tool Size

4" diameter

Table Composition


Powered Tilt Table

0-75° (Standard)

Overhead Camera


Machine Footprint

24' Long
16.5' Depth
10' High

Machine Weight

13,000 lbs.

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