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5-Axis CNC Saw

Retire your bridge saw and voyage into digital fabrication with the VOYAGER™ XP 5-Axis CNC Saw. Powered up with XP and a 27 hp motor, it cuts the hardest slabs such as porcelain, ultra-compact materials, and quartzite with ease. Its new TightCut™ feature nests parts closer together, increasing material yield by nearly 10% while reducing the time spent incremental routing.

  • 27 HP 

  • TightCut™


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It's Time for a New Voyage

Utilize the flexibility, material yield, and production of the latest CNC sawing technology.

Truly 5-Axis

The VOYAGER™ XP is a true 5-axis CNC Saw, with the ability to move the X, Y, and Z linear axis and rotate the A and C axis; providing precision from all angles.

This design also allows for: continuous arc blade cutting, incremental routing, straight line profiling, faucet coring, 0-47° mitering and more, making it an extremely versatile machine.

Powered Up with XP

The motor on the VOYAGER™ XP, powering both arbor and spindle functions, provides 27 hp to cut even the hardest of materials like quartzite at faster speeds. Built to run at a higher amperage for longer periods of time, the VOYAGER™ XP can push tools harder and increase the throughput of the saw.

With a standard VFD, the spindle can run from 1000 to 6000 rpm. The arbor on the VOYAGER™ XP easily adapts to high-speed tooling evolvements or new materials, giving fabricators the flexibility to grow their business with the changes in the industry.

Automatic Ultracompact Programming

With a focus on increasing programming speed, precision, and simplicity, the VOYAGER™ XP comes with automated programming features designed specifically for cutting ultra-compact, quartzite, and porcelain materials.

TightCut™ Blade Plunge

Improving shop productivity and increasing slab utilization was the focus when Park Industries® integrated the TightCut™ blade plunging feature.

Utilizing its powerful motor, the VOYAGER™ XP plunge cuts into the table’s lightweight concrete surface. This allows the blade to make cuts tighter together on sharp 90 degree corners. TightCut™ allows fabricators to nest parts closer together increasing material yield upwards of 10% while minimizing the amount of incremental routing needed to finish inside corners.

Compact Design

The small footprint, single-pick, monoblock design of the VOYAGER™ XP is ideal. True unitized design with no bolt-on extensions resulting in extreme rigidity. The compact design requires minimal floor space and works well with low ceiling heights – only 10 feet tall.

Flexible, Operator Friendly Stone-Cutting

The VOYAGER’s orthogonal cutting mode allows operators to cut manually in any direction at any desired angle, with a laser line to guide these simple manual cuts without generating a program. Positioning of the machine is controlled by manual joysticks on the HMI or a wireless pendant.

Key Feature

TightCut Blade Plunge

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VOYAGER XP TightCut Plunge Cutting Graphic for Nesting 2

TightCut Blade Plunging

The VOYAGER™ XP's TightCut™ feature plunge cuts into the table’s lightweight concrete surface allowing the blade to make cuts tighter together on sharp 90 degree corners. Nest parts closer together and increase material yield upwards of 10% while minimizing the amount of incremental routing needed to finish inside corners.

27 hp blade cutting for stone fabrication cnc saw Voyager

Powered Up & Versatile 5-Axis Cutting

With a 27 hp motor, true 5-axis movements, and the ability to easily adapt to new high-speed tooling advancements, the VOYAGER™ XP is packed with possibilities:
- 0-47° automatic mitering & curved blade cutting
- Incremental routing and coring with 1/2 gas spindle connection
- VFD (up to 6000 RPM) & various blade sizes (max 18")
- TightCut™ blade plunging feature

through spindle coolant and gas insert stone fabrication cnc saw Voyager

Spindle Improvements

The VOYAGER™ XP has through coolant on the spindle which applies water directly to the tooling through a center water feed resulting in less blade glazing, tool adaptability, longer tool life and exceptional performance. If the CNC saw crashes due to fabricator programming errors or tooling being pushed too hard through a hard material, a ½ gas spindle insert will absorb the contact and protect the spindle motor. The ½ gas inserts are low cost and easy to replace.

compact design and small footprint stone fabrication cnc saw Voyager

Compact, Monoblock Design

The unique monoblock design allows the VOYAGER to be installed and relocated easily, with no special foundation requirements. In addition, the structural integrity of the VOYAGER results in incredible tolerances and accuracy. The small footprint and compact design is ideal for countertop fabrication, requiring minimal floor space and ceiling height requirements.


Hydraulic Tilt Table (optional)

The hydraulic tilt table provides precision control and easily loads materials. This feature reduces slab breakage, especially when loading exotic materials. The single cylinder lift system has a load capacity of 2,000 lbs. The standard non-tilt table can also be easily retrofitted into a tilt table.

blad and tool measurement system stone fabrication cnc saw Voyager

Blade & Tool Measuring (optional)

The blade and tool measurement system on the VOYAGER™ XP measures the blade and tool diameter and automatically adjusts the cuts based upon segment wear. This system will positively impact your bottom-line profitability by reducing rework and extending your blade and tool life.

built in digital imaging stone fabrication cnc saw Voyager

Built-In Digital Imaging (optional)

The VOYAGER™ XP can be equipped with an optional camera above the table, allowing fabricators to photograph a slab or partial on the table. This provides fabricators the option to create a program right at
the machine, which is important when managing and cutting remnants, partial slabs, rodding, etc.

Automated Ultracompact programming stone fabrication


Easily program with the flexibility and simplicity of the parametric programming feature of the VOYAGER™ XP CNC Saw. Enter your dimensions and the saw automatically programs the shape to those dimensions. With a focus on programming simplicity, the VOYAGER™ XP comes standard with automated programming specifically designed to cut ultra-compact, quartzite, and porcelain materials with increased speed and reliability.

manual cutting mode wireless pendant for stone fabrication cnc saw Voyager

Orthogonal Cutting Mode

The VOYAGER CNC Saw allows for manual (orthogonal) stone cutting with the blade in any direction at any desired angle, with a laser line to guide these simple manual cuts without generating a program. Positioning of the machine is controlled by manual joysticks on the HMI or a wireless pendant.


VOYAGER XP | Cutting 280 IPM on 3cm Dakota Mahogany Granite


It's Time For A New Voyage (Machine Reveal)


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Thank you Park Industries for making great machinery that stands the test of time.

Grant Stewart

Countertops Inc.

The people are extremely helpful. Park is a company you want to do business with.

David Paxton

Paxton Countertops

They are very solidly built, rugged pieces of equipment. Very little downtime in the 15+ years we’ve operated Park machines.

Dave Scott

Slabworks of Montana

The quality of the equipment is outstanding, especially compared to other competitive equipment we’ve had in the past.

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The equipment is top quality. We’ve been running strong for over 5 years with very little issues. There hasn’t been a day we’ve actually physically been down. Absolutely exceptional.

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When we partnered with Park Industries®, we easily doubled the amount of money we make in a year. We are able to work way faster with increased precision and no mistakes!

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We have done business with Park Industries® for over 10 years. The associates at Park have become our trusted advisors and have helped us grow our business tremendously, increasing our volume by nearly 300% and decreasing our production costs by over 50%. We absolutely recommend Park to other fabricators.

Blake & Jill Wamstad

Hatton Granite

Our Park Industries® machines simply don’t cause us problems…they’re always up and running. I never worry about our [Park Industries] stone machines.

Doug Schubert

Kitchens Now!

The service and accountability of Park Industries® after the sale is one the biggest reasons that we continue to partner with our trusted machine manufacturer. Park makes us feel peace of mind – 100%.

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Park Industries has the best in support and service. That’s why we bought from them.

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With this many helpful, friendly people in your organization, why would we buy elsewhere?

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Prestige Custom Stone

Park Industries should be extremely proud of its employees and designs. In 20 years of manufacturing with GE, Siemens, Medtronic, and CHEP, I have purchased and installed my share of CNC/Robotic equipment, but have never had equipment that was able to run immediately after the initial install and perform exactly as the sales person sold it…… are a first!

Scott Hanes

Majestic Marble & Granite

Park Industries is one of the most organized, well-run company I have ever worked with.

Scott Lynch

U.S. Granite

Park Industries has NO sales pressure tactics and continues to provide great service after the sale. I am looking forward to purchasing additional machines from Park in the future.

Don Senft

Natural Stoneworks

Technical Info

VOYAGER XP CNC Saw for Stone Cutting

Arbor Motor

27 hp

A-Axis / Mitering


Blade Size

14", 16", or 18"


1000-6000 rpm

Max Cut Depth


Table Composition


Hydraulic Tilt Table

0-70° (Optional)

Overhead Camera


Machine Footprint (Includes Clearance)

26' Length (X)
21' 6" Width (Y)
10' Height

Machine Weight

14,500 lbs.

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