AA Granite Fabrication Center | Park Industries Fabricator Spotlight + Stone Machinery Customer

From knowing nothing about fabricating stone to operating a digital shop producing 1500 sq ft per week with 5 employees, Mike Alnaser of AA Granite Fabrication Center has relied on Park Industries® as his trusted advisor from the very first day.

VIDEO: AA Granite’s story and their shop in action.

AA Granite Fabrication Center

Mike Alnaser states he got into the fabrication business by mistake. He knew how to sell stone and his company A1 Flooring + Granite Solutions did templates and installations, but farmed out all the fabrication work. After an abrupt conversation with his partner, Mike found it necessary to bring their stone fabrication in-house. He took this endeavor personally as a challenge.

After a few coincidences, or perhaps signs of fate, he turned to Park Industries® to help build his fabrication division.

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Once Upon a Time in Dallas

Mike discovers Park Industries®

After conducting some research on stone fabrication, Mike knew he needed a reliable stone saw to get this operation going. He had previously heard of machinery manufactured in Italy, but Mike states, “It was important to me that it was local and made in the United States. I don’t want to deal with the hassle of overseas.”

Mike had never heard of Park Industries®, but found their website and liked what he saw. At 10am, he called Park Industries® to get information about a saw. Ironically, Brian, the sales consultant for Texas, was visiting other customers that day, so when he first talked to Mike, he had just touched down into Dallas, less than 30 minutes away from Mike’s business in Carrollton. By 2pm that day, Brian was sitting down with Mike to present Park Industries® machinery and the service that backs them.

Mike immediately saw the benefits and wasted no time looking at other options. He had a contract signed by 3pm for a new YUKON® II Bridge Saw and HydroClear™ Water System. He acted on this as a leap of faith in Brian and Park Industries®, because at the time he did not have a building, employees, and other necessities yet. Mike recalls, “I was like, what did I just get myself into?”

Getting 100% operational

Mike quickly found a building that used to be a granite fabrication shop after ordering his new equipment with Brian. It was filled with dust nearly 3 inches thick, but Mike moved forward with it and spent the entire next month cleaning it top to bottom. He recalls finding labor being the hardest part. After a long and stressful search, he hired two employees – a sawyer and a polisher. Shortly after his new Park Industries® machinery was installed, Mike began completing orders with his new division, coined AA Granite Fabrication Center, with all of this less than three months after deciding to bring it in-house.

Mike reflects on this transition, “It was stressful to get going. I maxed out credit cards and burned through savings so I could acquire everything needed for a true operation I could feel good about. That is how I work, I want things 100% ready before I start.”

Starting the Digital Journey

Improving shop efficiency

The next year was filled with learnings, a lot of times the hard way, as Mike would describe it, but they did learn and ultimately grew. He wanted to find a way to minimize cutting mistakes, operator errors, and labor (his shop now had 12 employees). They upgraded to a SABER™ CNC Saw and added a PRO-EDGE® IV Automatic Polisher.

Mike personally went to Park Industries® facility in Minnesota for training and enjoyed his time while there. During this time he states, “I told them, I wish the SABER™ to be a SABERjet™ [CNC Sawjet]. They looked at me and said…it’s coming.” Since the SABERjet™ was still just an idea, they continued with the SABER™ and learned how to cut digitally.

Eye-opening digital experience

To help shorten their learning curve, they attended a Digital Stoneworking Expo™ in Utah. Mike shares about his DSE experience, “Honestly, it was so impressive. Seeing the different shops and the flow of their machinery was eye-opening. I didn’t ask many questions, but I observed and took note of it all.”

He continues, “Interacting with the Co-Presidents, sales, trainers, and more of Park Industries® team at this event….you just see how humble they all are. They don’t need to be doing this for us, but they do it because they truly care and want to help you succeed.”

Machines You Can’t Live Without

The SABERjet arrives

When Brian lets Mike know the SABERjet™ was ready, they upgraded to it from the SABER™. Already familiar with the SABER™, this was an easy transition, and the learning curve was short. Mike recalls they did very well with it right away, and, after having the SABERjet™ for just a few months, could easily see the increase in production. He loves the waterjet capabilities, “It used to take a long time to cut sinks out, now it’s done in less than 5 minutes.”

A mistake made right

Mike’s self-proclaimed, biggest mistake of his career came shortly after getting the SABERjet™. Brian had been telling Mike about the FASTBACK® II Edge Polisher and the market demand for flat edges. At the time, Mike said he didn’t want to spend the money and chose not to get it. Brian knew his shop well and the potential profitability of it. He told Mike, “You need the FASTBACK®, get the FASTBACK®.” One day, the realization came to Mike and he called Brian confirming, “I need the FASTBACK®.”

Mike on his decision to not get the FASTBACK® right away, “Really this was the biggest mistake I made. I tell everyone don’t make that mistake that I did. I lost out on profits by trying to save a little money by not buying it right away.”

Brian already had 5 machines on their way to Dallas when Mike ordered it, so Park was able to fit it on a truck as number six and get it to Mike very quickly. Shortly after, Mike received a large commercial job, all flat edged. He called up Park to let them know he would needed it installed right away, and within one day of its delivery, it was running parts for this job. AA Granite made their timelines with peace of mind.

Mike says about his edge polisher, “I couldn’t live without the FASTBACK® II. No one can tell me I could live without it. Period, end of a story. No one should have a doubt about this machine. Call me or come visit if you do have a doubt.”

Results & Reflections

Less labor. More production.

The result of the machinery AA Granite added was a huge uptick in profitability. They are now producing 1500 sq. ft. per week and are 5x more profitable with only 5 employees. They no longer work overtime or feel the stress of trying to scrape by to meet deadlines.

Reflecting on his full journey from just starting out to the digital operation they have today, “It took four years and it wasn’t easy, but I thank God we are where we are at today with the help of Brian and Park Industries®. The FASTBACK® and SABERjet™ save me so much money now…so much money. First I thank God. Second, I thank Park Industries®.”


Carrollton, Texas, USA

Stone Countertop

1500 Sq. Ft. per week

5 in Fabrication Shop

SABERjet™ CNC SawJet, FASTBACK® II Edge Polisher, PRO-EDGE® IV Edge Polisher, HydroClear™ Water System, Pathfinder® Digital Photo Station

Began in 2015 with a YUKON® & HydroClear™.


I love that Park Industries® is American Made, family-owned, and always take care of their customers….just like our business.

Mike Alnaser

AA Granite Fabrication Center

Even if a machine from a different company is less expensive, I wouldn’t go with it. I am loyal to Park Industries® for what they have done to help build my business. They’ve helped me so much and taken great care of me.

Mike Alnaser

AA Granite Fabrication Center

I couldn’t live without the FASTBACK® II. No one can tell me I could live without it. Period, end of a story. No one should have a doubt about this machine. Call me or come visit if you do have a doubt.

Mike Alnaser

AA Granite Fabrication Center

The SABERjet™ and the FASTBACK® II…I love those two machines. They save me so much money….so much money.

Mike Alnaser

AA Granite Fabrication Center

First I thank God, second I thank Park Industries®.

Mike Alnaser

AA Granite Fabrication Center

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