Introducing the HydroClear Pro Series | Water Recycling and Clarification Systems for Stone Fabrication

HydroClear™ Pro Series Launches


The next generation of HydroClear™ Systems, the HydroClear™ Pro series by Park Industries®, enables fabricators to better manage their water usage, which could translate to efficiency gains and a significant savings in water consumption costs, and with a smaller footprint requirement. The HydroClear™ Pro series utilizes closed loop recycling to greatly reduce the amount of water used in your fabrication process, and less water means a positive impact to your shop and the environment.

All-In-One System

  • 6 unique models that can be customized to meet your shop’s water needs.
  • All-in-one design eliminating the need for a separate holding tank, saving precious floor space.
  • Automated water system maintenance, reducing labor costs
  • Able to accommodate up to 170 gallons of water per minute to your shop.
  • Reduces water consumption by up to 90% or more, and your water bill by nearly 70%.
  • Many enhancement options available including an Advanced Controller, pH Balance System, Bromine Sanitizing System, Second Stage Polymer Feed, and more.
HydroClear Pro | All in One Water System for Water Recycling and Management of Stone Machinery
New HydroClear™ Pro Series with 6 different models.
A solution is available for every type of shop!

For the health of your equipment, your bottom line, and the environment, the choice is clear. Transform the way your shop uses water with the Park Industries® HydroClear™ Pro Water Recycling System.

Find which Model Will Fit your Shop

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