New TITAN 4000 CNC Router Series from Park Industries | Latest stone machines and technology

Park Industries® Launches New TITAN® 4000 Series


Park Industries® has announced the next generation to their TITAN® CNC Router product line – the 4000 series.  The TITAN 4000 Series, consisting of two new models – the TITAN® 4700 and TITAN® 4800 is available to the market now. 

Park Industries® highlights faster speeds, multilingual controls, a 25% smaller footprint, and operator-friendly upgrades as some of the key improvements with their new series.  

Major benefits of the TITAN 4000 CNC Router series include: 

  • Fast production + optimization for high-speed tooling
  • Delivers install-ready parts with 90% less labor 
  • Largest work area in the industry 

The TITAN®, first introduced to the stone industry in 2007, has been the leader of CNC routers in North America, with well over 1000 machines currently in production. 

Jeff Evans, Product Manager for Park Industries, comments on the launch of the new CNC models, “We are excited to bring this legendary machine to the next level with the TITAN 4000 series. The new TITANs include a powerful combination of size, speed, accuracy, and operational ease. Designed directly from the voices and feedback of fabricators, the 4000 series has nice new operator-friendly features. We look forward to sharing our best TITAN yet with the industry.”