Top 10 Most Liked of 2022

Most “Liked” of 2022 (Top 10)


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(Bonus: Best of 2021)

Top 10 Countdown:

10. 📆 You can tour Pacific Stone Construction’s shop at our March 2023 Digital Stoneworking Expo!

9. The VOYAGER™ XP has allowed Standerfer Stoneworks to take on more jobs than ever before. 📈

8. Unlike robotic-style sawjets, the SABERjet™ XP offers all-in-one cutting to process countertops faster with less labor and a smaller total footprint. See for yourself!

7. Exciting YUKON II install adding to the tally of over 1,000 YUKONs in North America.

6. More production, Less Labor…Unique Countertop’s investment of the TITAN®, VOYAGER™ XP, FASTBACK® II, and HydroClear™ PRO was “life changing”.

5. Why get 1 when you can get 2? Gorgeous double fireplace by Instone Granite.

4. Park machinery cutting Skara Brae in 6mm to make this stunning design! ✨

3. America’s most popular stone saw proving its dependable and accurate strength 💪

2. This took many years to create…A work of fossil art thanks to the SABERjet™ XP CNC Sawjet!

1. Aquariums have a place in art...🐡🐟🐠 Unique stonework by Stone Experts!

Thank you for sharing 2022 with us! We look forward to an awesome 2023 with you. Keep sending us your best fabrication work and machine videos, and we’ll keep going for more awesome moments for last year! Tag #parkindustries on social media or send it to us at!


H1. Good girl alert 🐶 Check out the submissions from our 2022 Shop Dog Contest!

H2. Now that’s an entrance…Amazing hallway created from 9 slabs of 2cm Negro Marquina with the help of Park Machinery.

H3. “Wish I would have purchased this years ago.” Check out the FASTBACK® II’s raving reviews.

H4. 🌍 Unbelievable stone material cut on the YUKON® II.

H5. The VOYAGER XP making fabrication look easy.