TITAN 4000 CNC Router Quick Change Water Union

TITAN® 4000 Series Quick-Change Water Union (Replace in 3 Minutes or Less!)


See how the TITAN 4000’s Quick-Change Water Union can be changed out easily in under 3 minutes as our sales applications specialist walks you through the simple and fast process. This known maintenance component across all CNC routers can take operators up to 40+ minutes to change on competitor routers.

This innovative feature on the TITAN 4000 CNC Router Series will save your operators valuable time and keep your machine in production.

The NEW TITAN 4000 CNC Router Series

The legend of TITAN forges forward with the new 4000 Series. Unmatched efficiency, uptime, and production come together as the pinnacle of CNC router productivity.

Retrofittable on earlier TITAN models

TITAN 2000 and 3000 series machines can be retrofitted to add the Quick-Change Water Union upgrade for easier serviceability.