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Slabsmith vs Slabsmith Lite (Comparison)


With the introduction of the SIDE-SHOT™ Pathfinder comes a new version of software…Slabsmith™ Lite. Below you will find a comparison between Slabsmith™ Lite and the full Slabsmith™ Basic Bundle (featured on the Pathfinder® Digital Imaging Workstation). Whether your priority is cost, footprint, managing slab inventory, vein matching, or all of the above – discover which version of Slabsmith™ fits your stone fabrication needs!


Slabsmith™ “Lite”

  • High dimensional accuracy digital slabs
  • Vein matched kitchen preview before cutting the slab(s) – *Limited to 2 slabs
  • Able to communicate with multiple cameras (great for twin table machines)

Slabsmith™ “Basic Bundle”

  • High dimensional accuracy digital slabs
  • Vein matched kitchen preview before cutting the slab(s) – *Unlimited slabs
  • Able to communicate with multiple cameras (great for high volume, multiple photo stations)


Slabsmith™ “Lite”

  • No extra floor space used by a photo station
  • Excellent choice for growing shops with limited floor space
  • Lower cost entry point for dimensionally accurate digital slab layout
  • Great option for secondary or backup slab digitizing

*Notable Differences from “Basic Bundle”

  • No Inventory is maintained. Operates as a “Just in Time” layout program
  • The time available to saw slabs is reduced by the time it takes to photograph and layout a job on the saw
  • Limited to two slabs at a time
  • Limited color accuracy

Slabsmith™ Lite may be upgraded to the Slabsmith™ Basic Bundle for the difference in cost.

Slabsmith™ “Basic Bundle”

  • Full inventory management for slabs and remnants
  • Higher return on investment
  • Higher productivity and throughput – Process more slabs in less time
  • The ability to layout jobs and to program the saw at any time prior to sawing
  • Saw time is not used for photography and layout
  • Reduced handling of slabs. No need to touch slabs, all pertinent information and images are available in inventory
  • Inventory/layout viewing is available to all employees at no additional cost
  • Reduces remnant inventory due to the ability to easily find and use remnants to complete a job
  • Remnants can be searched by size and the color can be matched
  • No need to photograph remnants, they are created from the original digital slab
  • Accurate color reduces and/or eliminates remakes due to color variations at seams
  • Unlimited slabs in a layout
  • Ability to provide multiple layouts to a customer for selection and approval
  • Yield calculations for each slab, each job, or a job query (example: All jobs completed in April)
  • A history of every slab and job processed through Slabsmith™. Easily create a replacement counter from a previous job without going onsite
  • The ability to place and manage slabs “On Hold” for a customer
  • The ability to search inventory by size, material, thickness, or any other slab property or group of slab properties
  • The ability to digitally track blemishes, pits, low polish areas
  • The ability to digitally track “unusable” areas such as a crack
  • The ability to track and report slab/remnant inventory value
  • Compatible with all Slabsmith™ add on modules
  • Provides an easy upgrade path to live inventory on your web site (see: