SlabBack Full Slab Support for FASTBACK Edge Polisher

Slab Support System for FASTBACK® II


Expand your production capability of the FASTBACK® Flat Edge Polisher by installing the new SlabBACK™ Material Support System. Support large material pieces with Peace of Mind® that your operation is running safely and efficiently. Designed with fabricator feedback, this system will provide you the capability of running larger pieces through the highly productive FASTBACK® II Edge Polisher.

FASTBACK II with Full Slab Support System | Edge Polisher for backsplash and countertops

Retrofittable on All FASTBACK® Models

Safely secured to the machine and floor, the SlabBACK ™ can manage large pieces up to 96 inches and can be retrofitted to FASTBACK® and FASTBACK® II models with a 10- foot ceiling height requirement.

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