Cut this, Polish that - Miter Challenge Episode

Mitered Countertop Challenge: SABERjet™ XP Vs Robot & Miter Saw


Our very first episode of our new series: Cut This, Polish That is a must watch!

See the SABERjet™ XP CNC Sawjet go head to head versus a robotic sawjet & miter saw combo in this mitered countertop challenge!

Brian and Jon of Park Industries® take you through the programming, cutting, and results to see the differences you would experience in producing miterwork with the two different options.

The question we will answer today: how does the SABERjet™ XP’s mitering capabilities compare to the robotic sawjet & miter saw combo?

Watch the episode to see real time side-by-side cutting and the results!

Mitered edges are quickly becoming one of the most common choices for countertops. You need a process that can deliver precise miters reliably and quickly.

The SABERjet™ XP is an all-in-one CNC sawjet, that has excellent mitering capabilities with the blade and waterjet. It automatically produces clean, accurate miters as part of its program.

A robotic sawjet, cannot miter reliability so it needs to make parts by oversizing them with a straight cut. Then parts must be transferred to a secondary saw to make its miter cuts. See a time comparison chart of the SABERjet™ XP vs Robotic Sawjet for this challenge.