ATLAS™ CNC Tool Measurement System

Manage Your Tools Offline & Increase CNC Router Run-Time


Reach Maximum CNC Router Capacity

Increase your CNC router run-time by offloading your CNC tool measurement to the ATLAS CNC Profile Tool Measurement System. Park Industries® is excited to partner with OMEGA, the leader in offline tool management systems, to introduce the ATLAS™ CNC Profile Tool Measurement System. 








At the core of the ATLAS Offline Tool Measurement System is cast iron construction, high grade bearings, and guideways that are paired with Omega’s unsurpassed imaging system.

This tool presetter includes multiple features such as vacuum clamping, a touchscreen monitor, and surface inspection. The integrated base, complete with retractable castors, also allows this unit to be placed just about anywhere.


The Atlas can measure tools offline in as little as 5 seconds, and can scan new profiles to the CAD system in just two minutes. By offloading tool measurement from the CNC Router, that time is freed up and can be converted into extra stone production. 


Calibrated to 1 micron, the ATLAS Offline CNC Tool System offers the best accuracy in the stone industry. The ATLAS measures the profiles of tools utilizing 1,000,000 Data Points as references resulting in exact accuracy in the measurements of the tool.

Ease of Use

Designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, the ATLAS Presetting Tool Measurement System is user-friendly and extremely intuitive. Quickly measure offline tools with the single push of a button to run an automatic measurement by the 3-axis CNC measurement machine.

Mounted dual screens, one screen for GUI and one for a viewing window, allow operators to quickly and conveniently control tool data, schedule jobs, and process the information to the shop's CNC Routers.

Support & Expertise

The ATLAS Offline Tool System is supported by expert service, manufacturing, and software programming; and is the only USA manufactured, assembled, and serviced tool system in the stone industry.

The ATLAS is backed by 40+ years of experience in tool measurement technology. 


ATLAS™ 1850
(Automated Tool Measurements)

ATLAS Automatic Presetter & Offline Tool Measuring System


ATLAS™ 1550
(Manual Tool Measurements)

ATLAS Manual Presetter & Offline Tool Measuring System


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“The ATLAS by OMEGA has made the biggest impact in both cost and quality to our shop. We have extended the life of our tools 3-fold. By moving our tool measurement offline, we were able to increase our TITAN production 20-30 hours more a week.”

Scott Hanes
Majestic Marble & Granite

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