Full-Throttle Production Reaches a New Gear

The FASTBACK® II vertical flat edge polisher machine gives you an edge over the competition. This proven workhorse of the stone countertop fabrication industry has been revamped to give you an even higher level of productivity.

The FASTBACK® II will edge, polish and chamfer backsplash as well as countertops in one single pass. Get exceptional quality edges at a rate up to 150 lineal feet per hour, and track your machine’s metrics and success with the OPS Productivity feature, new for the FASTBACK® II.   

Features & Benefits

Single pass, load-and-go automation:   

  • FAST Production: 18 - 30"+ per minute single pass performance
  • Vertical flat edge polish from 1 cm to 6 cm thick material
  • 45 degree chamfer top and bottom edge corners (removes chips from sawing)
  • Piece length: 16" to 12'
  • Piece height: 3" to 30" (taller stones possible with operator assistance)

Spindle Stagger

Park Industries® exclusive Spindle Stagger feature allows the operator to adjust the point at which the tool engages and disengages with the leading and trailing ends of the material.

This ensures consistent and total polish end-to-end, essential for tightly nested slab layouts.

Optimized Oscillation

The FASTBACK® II Edge Polisher’s unique oscillating bridge design ensures higher overall polish quality. It utilizes the optimal amount of oscillation necessary to provide excellent polish quality with the least amount of gap possible. This provides a better “end to end” match up with material processed on a CNC router. 

Polish Offset Pro

The FASTBACK® II exclusive Polish Offset Pro feature allows you to offset the point at which the spindles engage and/or disengage with the material. This allows the operator to run Euroseam pieces through the machine.

Smartest Flat Edger on the Market

Intuitive Controls

  • Color Touch Screen Controls
  • Tool Life Monitoring
  • Automated Water Control
  • Automated Water Shutoff
  • Manual Spindle Pressure Adjustment
  • Remote Diagnostics

OPS Productivity 

OPS Productivity (option) monitors lineal footage produced by the FASTBACK® II, as well as total machine run time. The OPS Productivity information can be tracked per job providing real-time insight to your shops work-flow. The FASTBACK® II utilizes a wireless bar-code scanner to eliminate potential operator error.

Durable & Minimal Maintenance

Exclusive Armor Shield
A variety of components on the FASTBACK® II, including the conveyor drums, are impregnated with Park’s exclusive Armor Shield Protection. The Armor Shield Protection is a process that protects critical machine parts by enhancing corrosion and wear resistance. This unique process produces an aesthetic black finish that impregnates the material for strength and durability. The treatment actually changes the composition of the material on the outer surface of the part.

Reach A New Gear

Free-up precious CNC routing time by moving your flat eased production to the FASTBACK® II.

Contact us to learn how the FASTBACK® II Vertical Edge Polisher can increase your profitability.