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Jan 4, 2018

We Are Thankful | 2017 Thanksgiving Card Contest

This fall we held our 8th annual Thanksgiving Card Contest. Learn why we do it, and check out the entries. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Case Study | AGS Stone

After running a YUKON® Bridge Saw for many years, AGS Stone decided to purchase the FUSION® CNC Saw/Waterjet in 2016. The FUSION® has been mitering really well and has helped them cut down on dust generation to the point of elimination. Their material yield has improved by about 5%.

Case Study | Counter Effects By Roger

In 2008, Instead of parking the car in the garage, Roger and Jolynn Atherton parked their stone fabrication business there. They started out by outsourcing the templating and subbing out installation and as they grew, they moved into a warehouse across the street from the Bartow Airport.

Case Study | American Marble

Over time they phased out of cultured marble. Today they are producing 50% granite and 50% quartz. As demand has grown, and production has increased with the labor the machines produced, sales have increased drastically over the years. When American Marble worked strictly in cultured marble, sales were $150-200,000 annually. Today, they sit at around $4.5 million in sales annually.

Case Study | TITAN CNC Routers Deliver Mighty Production for Universal Stone

Read the impact that Universal Stone's trio of TITAN CNC Routers and HydroClear Water System has had on their stone fabrication process.