Fully integrated. Latest technology. Unmatched quality.

Proud to be an American Manufacturer!

As an American Manufacturer, Park Industries® takes great pride in the quality and craftsmanship that is devoted to each machine. As a fully integrated manufacturer, Park Industries® has full control of the design and manufacturing – from initial machine design through final assembly – Park Industries® does it all, right here in the United States of America.

Take pride in your machine, and invest in a machine from Park, knowing it is American Made in our 200,000+ square feet, state-of-the art manufacturing facilities.

Schedule a trip to our facilities. We would enjoy the opportunity to showcase our manufacturing processes and the value we our manufacturing processes deliver to you … Precision. Performance. and Peace of Mind.

Manufacturing Facts

  • Two Facilities Located in Central MN
  • 200,000+ Sq Ft of Manufacturing Space
  • Vertically Integrated – Each Step is Done by Park
  • Quality Checks at Every Step of the Manufacturing Process
  • Laser Interferometer Accuracy Testing
  • Largest 5-Axis Mills in the Midwest
  • UL 508A Rated Panel Shop
  • Certified Welders for Precise Parts
Vertically Integrated American Built Park Industries Manufacturing Stone and Metal Machinery

Process Control

Our integrated manufacturing facilities allows us complete control of our machine build process. The results? Shorter lead times, on-time delivery, and high quality, durable machines.

Latest Technology Park Industries Manufacturing Stone and Metal Machinery

Latest Technology

We employ state-of-the-art equipemtn including robotic welding, CNC cutting, 5-Axis milling machines, and Faro lasers for optimum accuracy and component quality. We invest in our manufacturing process that will drive our business forward.

Machine Quality Assured Park Industries Manufacturing Stone and Metal Machinery

Quality Focus

Every state of the manufacturing process follows Park’s quality control system. Faro Lasers are used to ensure that your machine is built to precision accuracy specifications. Your machine will be built with stringent quality standards.

Park Industries Wins Manufacturer of the Year

Manufacturer of the Year

Park Industries® is proud to build American machinery and proud to be named the 2020 ‘Manufacturer of the Year’!

Check Out our FAcilities

Manufacturing action highlights – see a glimpse of the manufacturing magic that occurs daily.
Learn about Park’s fully integrated, USA Made manufacturing process with a full tour of the facility.

Understand The Build Process

Check out the different stages of our manufacturing process.

raw material america steel and iron park industries manufacturing process

1. Raw Material

American Made machinery starts with American Steel. Park Industries® uses only the highest quality of iron and steel locally sourced from US vendors. The highest grade of materials are a big start to our machines’ ‘built to last’ unmatched durability. Approx 50,000 lbs. of steel is used per week. The steel that is not used is recycled. Nothing is wasted.

Plasma Cutting in Park Industries Manufacturing Process

2. Plasma Cutting

The latest plasma cutting technology is used to cut metal parts and components for machines. This is an extremely unique stage for Park, as the KANO HD plasma cutting machine, designed and built by Park, is utilized in our own manufacturing process. It is also one of the top options for metal fabricators looking for an industrial grade CNC plasma table. Check out the KANO HD.

Welding in Park Industries Manufacturing Process

3. Welding

Machine frames and bridges are welded to the highest standards by Park’s highly skilled and certified welding team. Though welding certifications are not required for our machines, Park Industries believes strongly in this practice to build our machines with the most precise parts resulting in top quality machine integrity and rigidity.

Sizes of the weldments range anywhere from a size of a cell phone to parts the size of semi-trucks. After welding and before going to the mills, parts are stress relieved with a Meta-Lax vibratory stress relieving.

Industrial Paint and Sandblast Park Industries Manufacturing Process

4. SandBLast

Each piece of machinery is sandblasted to promote paint adhesion and enhance appearance. Large parts go into one of our two large industrial sandblast booths, while parts less than a 6 ft diameter go into a one of our two blasters designed for small parts.

Large Mill 5 Axis Milling Industrial in Park Industries Manufacturing Process

5. Milling

With multiple large mills and 11 total milling machines, Park bolsters tons of milling production capabilities. Included in our arsenal of milling equipment is the largest milling machine in the midwest. Our mills can machine five sides of the entire machine frames in a single setup with no indexing or moving the frame. This results in optimal accuracy and the ability to utilize monoblock designs in our products.

machining park industries manufacturing process stone metal fabrication equipment

6. CNC Metal Lathes

These rigid machine tools shape and remove material from components as they are rotating. Park utilizes 5 of these extremely accurate and fast lathes in our process. Tolerance for parts  are normally 0.005” (five one-thousandths of an inch), with some being tighter than 0.0005” (five ten-thousandths of an inch). This is 6 times thinner than a human hair!

7. Paint

A state-of-the-art paint line washes, dries, primes, topcoats and cures each part. Included in this process is electrostatic paint, which reduces wasted paint and ensure no spot is missed. Wash bays and large industrial paint booths are used as well.

Electrical Assembly Park Industries Manufacturing Process

8. ELectrical Panel Shop

Layout, assembly, and wiring of back panels and junction boxes are done in the panel shop. All Park Industries machines are ETL approved. Our wiring practices meet ETL standards and are inspected quarterly. All components of our machines are UL 508A certified.

Machine Assembly in Park Industries Manufacturing Process

9. Assembly

Machines are assembled from start to finish with multiple quality checks throughout the process. All equipment is built to order – we don’t build to stock. A Faro laser interferometer is used to verify tolerances or precisely align components of the machines. The tolerances +/- .002 throughout the length of machine bases.

Machine Shipping and Loading Crane in Park Industries Manufacturing Process

10. Load & Ship

With excellent communication, organization, and a refined process, our manufacturing team meets ship dates with a 99% on-time ship rate. An integrated crane system hovers throughout the facilities with 25 ton lifting capabilities for easy loading, especially machines with monoblock designs.

Watch The Building PRocess

The build and industrial grade quality of Park’s machinery separates them from others. Watch the process as we build a KANO™ HD CNC Plasma Machine – You’ll see the difference.

North Annex Expansion

20% capacity and 42,2460 sq feet were added along state-of-the-art technology and processes. Take a behind-the-scenes look at our North Annex Expansion.

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