Lee Industries Blog - KANO HD CNC Plasma Cutting Machine by Park Industries

Lee Industries Steps Up Their Game With The KANO™ HD CNC plasma Machine


Lee Industries, located in Little Falls, MN, specializes in metal manufacturing. This full-service manufacturing business with 30 years of experience provides everything from machining, welding and fabricating, to finished and delivered product.

Up until two years ago, Lee Industries was using a 100 AMP CNC plasma cutting machine. This machine required replacing consumables twice a day and the company was limited to only cutting 3/4 inch plates.

WATCH: Jason of Lee Industries shares how the KANO™ HD has improved their business.

Time to Upgrade

Bill Schafer, President of Lee Industries, knew it was time to upgrade his plasma machine. After researching the market, he landed on Park Industries® KANO™ HD CNC Plasma Machine. The upgrade has been night and day difference. Jason Barg, foreman at Lee Industries, mentions they’ve doubled their cutting capabilities. Lee Industries is no longer only cutting 3/4 inch plates they’re also cutting 1 1/2 inch plates of mild and galvanized steel. Jason shares, “The KANO is a very user-friendly machine and the cut is amazing.”

Top 2 Features of Owning the KANO™ HD

Zoned Down Air Draft Table

Jason states that the safety of the working environment has exponentially increased after owning the KANO™ HD, “With our old machine, we were lucky if we could see the ceiling, there was so much smoke. Now we have the Zoned Down Air Draft Table which sucks the smoke exactly where we’re cutting.”

Improved Cutting

The Vented Water Injection (VWI) plasma cutting process has not only eliminated the insane amount of smoke the shop was experiencing prior to owning the KANO™ HD, it has also eliminated the cleaning time needed before welding. With their previous CNC plasma machine, the cutting produced dross on the cut parts that required cleaning before being welded. Now with VWI, there is no more dross and can be sent straight to welding.

KANO™ HD = Reliability

After owning the KANO™ HD for 2 years now, service needed on the machine has been very little. Jason explains, “While it’s comforting to know Park Industries® is just 30 miles away, we haven’t needed anyone to stop by and service the KANO.”